Don’t Feel Good Now

In the song “Thy Will” there is a part that is speaking to God and it says, “I know you’re good – But this don’t feel good right now – And I know you think – Of things I could never think about – It’s hard to count it all joy – Distracted by the noise – Just trying to make sense – Of all your promises – Sometimes I gotta stop – Remember that you’re God – And I am not  – So – Thy will be done” We all long to escape the things that “…don’t feel good right now…“.  We want to be free from the burden that depresses us. Trouble in our thoughts does not equal joy. The feeling of being trapped and locked into a situation of no escape torments our soul. Yet, there remains that belief, faith, and hope that God sees something that we do not see at the end of our valley.

This takes me to the garden at night with the moon beams of light shinning down like flashlights upon the ground and tree branches with a voice of a man praying, “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Alone he must carry others to safety. You carry things inside of you no one else can understand. If you even shared the burden you carry they would not know how to answer. We all want to be released from the things in this life that “…don’t feel good right now…“.

The unseen burden you have carried upon your heart’s back through the crowds with each step you have taken wishing someone had the sight to see the unseen. You have longed for someone to look into your eyes with the deepness of divine sight of your weeping soul. People who know you cannot see the tears flowing under your cheeks dripping from your spirit’s chin. Where are the arms of unjudging comfort? Where is the shoulder to bury your face into absorbing some of your pain? Where is the lap to lay your head softly upon while drifting into a peaceful sleep? Where is the person you could melt before them with equal understanding to your sorrow?

You may be alone in this world without any physical help mate with equal understanding and compassion. You may have no person’s eyes to look into as you pour yourself out. You may have no person’s ears to speak your broken heart into. You may have no person at all to be by your side. You may be facing absolutely completely loneliness for a physical companion with like-mindedness. You may feel time is passing you by leaving emptiness behind every step taken. Is there no answer or solution to living an empty life?

That night the garden had no arms to offer to hold the man of sorrow, no soft lap to lay his head upon, no shoulder to support his weeping face, and no eyes to look upon for comfort. He knew his time had come when they all would scatter to their own homes leaving him all alone. Before this night he was looked upon as a prince of peace, the everlasting Father among us, the mighty God of miracles, a counselor to the rich and poor, a wonderful man of mercy, and now the man who carries the world upon his shoulders alone born for this cause. He was without another person’s comfort, yet he proclaimed, “…I am not alone…“. Do you want to be able to say that with no reservations of it being the truth?

You can be in your home, apartment, a park, a vehicle, and even in a crowd with no one to comfort you. It doesn’t feel good right now, but now is the time to call upon Him to hold you in His Spiritual arms, pressed against His Spiritual shoulders, and let your spiritual tears flow into His absorbing love for the Father is truly with you when all of mankind is scattered. Though the ache of physical friendship, relationship, and intimacy drives you into sadness. He will not allow it to overtake you. He will not let it push you beyond what you can carry. He will provide a way out so that you can endure coming out the other side a stronger person.

It is time to feel after Him and find Him though He be not far from every one of us. The one that truly knows you, accepts you as you are, and will meet you at your level is God Himself. This is what the man Jesus did in the garden. He surrendered his physical self into the spiritual self of God to carry him when no one else could or would.  It doesn’t feel good right now, but keep the door open for His goodness to walk inside to hold you during these times.

You are not alone. Don’t accept being alone. Allow God to move in with you inside your fleshly apartment never to be alone ever again. He is the best roommate you will ever have and you will never be the same, only better. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You are the one that will have to walk away from Him. If you lock onto Him He will lock onto you. Please allow His warm sunshine light push through your clouds surrendering yourself totally in Him. You and I may be alone with the temporal side of this life, but we will never be alone eternally.

This is how you allow God into your heart, mind, and soul. There are three steps involved. The first step is to surrender yourself completely trusting Him to change your life from lonely darkness and this happens when you talk to Him, most call it praying. The second step is washing away all the sins you have ever committed by being baptized completely under water with saying the name of Jesus over you applying his blood of forgiveness making you clean. The third and final step before your journey begins is to receive His Holy Spirit. You will know you have received Him inside of you when He pours Himself inside of you and He will come back out in such a powerful way the language barrier is broken down and you will find yourself speaking in a language He gives you as His glory saturates you. This is how it happened in the Bible and it did not change only man has changed (Acts 2:38,39). If God wanted to give you this oneness with Him experience would you want it?

You talk about a glorious experience. You can have this fellowship for the rest of your life and never be alone again. He is absolutely my best friend. The world will let me down, but He will never let me down, even when things don’t feel so good. Don’t be alone ever again. God bless you and keep you in His loving arms.

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