See Me

It is a very saddening experience when you feel like no one sees you. You know you have solid form like everyone else yet it seems like you are a ghost.  If they do by chance see you their opinion of you is not much higher than a stray dog or their facial expression has that looking down their noses on you. The worse of it all is living daily among other people as though you are not there. You get up feed yourself, get dressed for school or work, and walk into a people filled room with no one taking the time to speak kindly with you acknowledging your existence. You would not verbally admit it, but there is that longing inside for others to “See Me” the inside and not by the outside only.

Self-worth/esteem is a respect, a confidence, or a satisfaction opinion you have of yourself. Opinions exist in those on the outside observing you and on the inside with you judging yourself. You may be invisible to others or not worthy of their attention, but you are not invisible to yourself. Examine yourself with thought questions and answering them with raw truth. For example: the thought question “Am I good worker?” If your answer is ‘yes‘ then score one for the positive worth category and if ‘no‘ then put it in the how can I improve category. People will always judge you by the outward appearance first like an outside cover to a book without taking the time to see what is on the inside of the pages of the book, but as long as you are happy with the progress of inside your book your self-worth/esteem will be strong. If you are treated as a ghost keep being all you can be for there is someone more important than the people around you watching.

Our ghost world has hidden treasures that people daily miss out on. We have all kinds of things to give to those around us if they would only take the time and give us a chance. I agree there are some people who should never share themselves because of all the bitterness and hatred they have bottled up inside, but they too must find that someone who is more important than people and release the negativity accepting in its place the happiness they can possess in their life. A little side step from the path because all are worth seeing. It is a shame you are not stopped by someone and they receive from you the beautiful hidden treasure inside of you. You have hidden things inside your mind, heart, and soul that is invisible to everyone around you that all could be blessed by.

What intentions are hiding in your heart? What thoughts are you thinking inside your mind? What is really behind your eyes that look upon others? Does it really matter what is going on inside your mind, heart and soul invisible to the other people? They don’t hear your thoughts. They don’t see the intentions of your heart. They don’t know the true will of your soul. If it is out of sight and out of mind of others what does it really matter? Does anyone really care? “Why am I alone and a ghost to the world?”, you may ask. Now, is the time to turn on your hidden spirit from mankind and start reaching, feeling, and finding the one who is more important because He is closer than you think (Acts 17:27).

There is one who cares about your thoughts, intentions of your heart, and the desire of your soul. This particular one not only cares, but can see and read your thoughts clearly. He absolutely loves to extract your thoughts, intentions of your heart, and the desire of your soul out into the open exposing it for all to see including yourself. His thoughts, intentions of his heart, and the desire of His spirit is that everyone might know all the truth of themselves, others, and the mysteries of eternal life. When I read the Bible I am looking forward to what God is getting ready to extract from the hidden shadows below the surface of ghost like treasures in people’s flesh for all to see and learn from.

The amazing part about feeling invisible to others and like a ghost though you are solid like they are God chose a Jewish virgin girl with a fiancé of regular status among the people. Mary and Joseph were not well-known people. They were ordinary people like you and I working side by side as everyone else. God chose these two invisible people to the world to be the ones to take care of His fleshly body temple until that body grew to the age of the appointed ministry. Mary and Joseph may have been invisible to those around them seemingly average people, but hidden inside them was a worth that God saw. If you read John chapter 1 you will see a sad picture of people who did not really see Jesus/God and with all his good deeds was still not seen to be a good person. God Himself is treated like He does not exist. We are in good company.

Jesus like an outward cover to a book was seen outwardly as a Jew with his Jewish disciples were in a region of two towns. A woman of Canaanite nationality came to them, but would have been ignored by most like she was not even there. Some would have avoided her judging her to be a filthy stray dog. She went straight to Jesus crying out loud removing the veil of “I am not here” from those around her to “I am standing right here in front of you“. Remember there is one here that is more important than the people around her that see the hidden treasures of her heart. She said to Jesus, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly.” Hidden inside this ignored woman of society was an understanding that Jesus was Lord and the Son of David fulfilling prophecy. Yet, Jesus remained quiet knowing what was hidden in the hearts around him.

His disciples revealed their hidden thoughts speaking up and saying, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.” How many times do we encounter those who want to avoid us, ignore us, and hope we would keep walking by? We have seen them scatter as we approach them. They don’t want to hear us or talk to us. The disciples were under the Lord’s training and what was in their minds and hearts needed to be corrected. The woman was in the invisible hand of the Lord as a teaching tool for the disciples. He is extracting out of them the hidden things that are not only good for them, but also for the world to see.

After the disciples said, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.” Jesus says to her, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” This woman now has upon her shoulders “…send her away…” by the crowd and “…only…of Israel…“. The people’s opinion of her worth and by first outward appearance the Lord’s spoken worth of her challenges her of what should she do. Her reply was simply, “Lord, help me!” She did not refute sending her away or it was only to the lost sheep of Israel. The Lord wanted more from this unseen and ignored by the world Canaanite woman. Jesus reached one more time and said to her “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.

Her mind has the echoing words of “send her away“, “only Israel“, and now she is hearing she is categorized among the “dogs“. The disciples are standing there hearing what is being said as though Jesus was seeing her as they did putting her in her place. If you have never experienced being totally rejected the level of pain you feel in your heart cannot be explained by words only. She agreed with the Lord that it is not right to take the children’s bread from them. This Canaanite woman did not want to take from Israel even though by most she would be treated as a ghost passing in their midst. She did not want Jesus to stop his ministry. At this point the disciples may be thinking this woman understands that it is not right and will leave them alone. Then she continues saying to the Lord, “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” I can see the faces of the disciples when these words registered in their minds and hearts. This is what Jesus wanted to extract from this normally ignored Canaanite woman. She was not a dog to him, but her faith was wrapped with a humility the Lord deemed as greatness.

Wow, what was hidden inside this beautiful woman’s heart is now revealed. How many people around us could have this kind of hidden wisdom left unearthed? Though she was looked down upon, avoided, ignored, and was treated as a ghost by the world she continued inside herself with a respect, a confidence, and a satisfied rock solid belief in God. This is exactly what Jesus/God was looking for to be dug up, extracted, spoke aloud for all to hear. He said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” Her daughter was healed at that very moment when Jesus spoke those words. This Canaanite woman had in her heart Jesus is the Lord, the Son of David at the table feeding the children of Israel God’s bread with the ‘if she could at least get a crumb from that bread‘ attitude would be enough to fill her needs. Her crumb was a full meal to her. One small crumb to one is a full meal to another (Mtt. 15:22-28). It is enough no matter the size if it is from the Lord.

The disciples have been shown faith in the Lord has no separate nationality, color, or gender. They have been shown there is no one invisible and no one God will not take the time to help. They have been shown bottled up inside this woman was a faith as bright and as warm as the sun in the clear blue sky shining upon them. All doors are open unto the Lord. Would the disciples dare to stop anyone from seeing the Lord after hearing such words of faith? Would you want to miss out on someone like this?

She makes me thirst and hunger for that powerful hidden faith to burst forth and shine to the world. The hungry cry we have in our hearts for people to please “See Me” may go unnoticed by mankind, but there is a pair of eyes glowing with love towards the treasure of our hearts. Don’t give up being all you can be in the quietness of your world. Let your faith be a sweet-smelling aroma flowing up from your spirit to the Lord no matter if the world sees it or not. You are worth seeing in the eyes of the Lord, which is more important than all the acknowledgment the world could give you.

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