Keeping Things Right

I did not realize you and I can take God inside of us and create another god. Outside of us He is still God unchanged, but inside we can make Him into something different. We cannot change Him from being Himself, but we can take Him inside of ourselves and close in around of what we have of Him changing Him into our level of thinking knowingly or unknowingly. We are brought up in the level of this world and the habit is so natural of converting things to this world’s level no matter if it is God, people and … Continue reading Keeping Things Right

Taking Things Inside

Inside yourself is a very important world of its own. It is a place that needs to be guarded and protected daily by you. You have taken things inside yourself from the day you were born to this very moment that you are reading these words. These words are inside of you, now. I am recognized as the source of these words. You have them inside you to do with them as you wish. You have all power on how things go on inside yourself. You can take them and change them into whatever you desire, but changing them is … Continue reading Taking Things Inside

Behind Sufferings

Have you ever wondered or asked why was your life so filled with pains and sorrows? Has the ‘Why, me Lord?‘, ‘If it’s not one thing it’s another‘, or ‘Will it ever end?‘ ever crossed your mind or been spoken from your lips? Have you ever come to the place you thought you were destined to live the majority of your life with troublesome situations with only teasing moments of good times? Does it seem like the ones that come looking for you are misery, negativity, trouble, and frustration? As children the bad things we experienced caused us to store … Continue reading Behind Sufferings

Where Can I Go

“Where Can I Go” has so many different sides to it. You can be suffering physical pain with a despairing cry inside of “Where Can I Go?” You can be going through a relationship breakup with tears inside all the while you have this sinking feeling of “Where Can I Go?” You can be faced with all the voices and the words they piled upon you pushing you to be something that you just need time to sort things out with the pressure of “Where Can I Go?” A dead-end is a place where there are no other options that could cause … Continue reading Where Can I Go