Starving for the Real

The little child looks up to see an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream, his eyes begin to sparkle as his mind fills with dancing thoughts of expectations. In his little mind that ice cream filled cone is already his to enjoy, but as always in this world something is nearby to steal away what you thought was really yours. A brother or sister comes running up and takes away the ice cream leaving nothing behind, but the starving, water filling little eyes, and empty heart for that something they thought was really real for them. The … Continue reading Starving for the Real

Grace of Time

The very first words God wanted recorded were “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It is a really wonderful to look into His spiritual world and try to imagine what His side was like before all the physical things we know came into being. I have read this quickly focusing on “…¬†God created the heavens and the earth.” In my imagination I would continue going forward in His word seeing the sun suddenly with no other signs of light appear in the blackness of space. I would get caught up with the separation process of light … Continue reading Grace of Time

All Kinds of Fish

A man had a dream or a vision of a crystal clear water and as he gaze down into the water he began to notice not just one kind of fish swimming around, but many other kinds of fishes were gathered together in that one place of the crystal clear water. It was a beauty of anointed harmony to behold of the oneness with so many diverse fishes in one place. The man felt the anointed interpretation of what he was seeing was people from all walks of life gathering together in one place to worship the Lord freely without … Continue reading All Kinds of Fish

The Blood of God

“The Blood of God” carries an impossibility having the two in the same sentence. What I have come to cherish and adore about God is what is impossible to man is possible with Him. The greatest exploration any one person could ever dare themselves to take would be with happiness in their heart to feel after God, and find Him because He is not far from anyone of us (Acts 17:27). He will drop thoughts into your mind and if your heart is brave enough to join into following that thought to the end of the path you may discover … Continue reading The Blood of God