In God, But Not In Jesus

Have you ever thought about that it is possible to be in God, but not in Jesus? The devil is inside God’s Omnipresence as we all are, but the devil is not inside Jesus.

If you are a person that believes an Omnipresent (Present Everywhere), Omniscient (All Knowing), and Omnipotent (All Powerful) God created all things then I believe you will enjoy this reading.

The Omnipresent (Present Everywhere God) is a give away to the fact that all things has Him within them. He is the physical matter and the glue in which the solid creations are held together.

Side note: before you think of all the evil things in the world with the thoughts that God is in them remember He gave all things their solid form with the glue for them to live, move and have their being, but what we did with them was our choosing NOT His.

He wanted nothing, but goodness. It was Lucifer(aka the devil) that choose evil as did Eve and Adam. It is what we all have done with His physical substance. A quick example and I will get back on track. A knife within itself is not evil or good. It is what we do with it that makes associated with evil or good.

Now, back to being in God, but not in Jesus. We can read about God forming the sun, the moon, and the stars in Genesis. We can read about the water, air, and land being formed. We can read about the birds, fish, and land creatures. We can read how He created two children in a likeness and image from His Spirit if he were to be in physical form. He gave them a portion of His Spirit creating an eternal soul, which no other creation possessed.

All of creation has God’s permission to live, move, and have its being too exist in this world. This is the first key thought of “We Are In God“. We are all in God by creation. We, mankind, are all given a chance to live in this life making free will choices everyday.

Here is the question, can we all be in God, but not all of us are in Jesus?

I had never thought of it that way before. We are all born as babies in this world to our parent(s).  Our first birth right was the allowed existence to physically live, move, and have our being in God on this earth unto all those around us and them to us.

What prompted this understanding was God asking me the question I have asked you. I was thinking upon the scripture “For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.” Acts 17:28.

God put me on this beautiful path of understanding and perceiving with a simple question about all creation are in God, “but are they all in Jesus?” Wow, so cool.

Our first birth was naturally given in God to live, move, and have our being on this earth. We were born into a world controlled by the knowledge of evil with God’s knowledge of good preaching the good news message of a way of escape by truth and a second birth experience of being born again of life only through Jesus Christ (Jn. 14:6).

We are all naturally born without a choice into this world by the allowance of God to live, move, and have our being. We are all inside God. This is our first birth, an earthy conception.

God wants a place like heaven free from evil. This is why He kicked out all those angels (demons now), because He chooses a place where only good is free with evil separated and contained. We, His children, who are made in His image and likeness (if His Spirit were to be of solid form), fell to the side of evil God went into action creating a place we could once again live in freedom with Him from sin and evil.

God created with His Spirit a place free from sin and evil and that was inside a body of a man called Jesus. God created another place like heaven with the fullness of His Godhead Spirit residing with His people (Col. 2:9), His children, to once again be where He wants to be. God wants goodness. He rejected evil because He knows the end results of evil and goodness has the results He wants to be a part of.

You are living, moving, and having your being in God on this earth, but it is possible you are not in Jesus. Jesus is a special house that can be only entered by meeting certain requirements by God. The beauty of God’s word is the liberating power of truth above the devil and mankind.


A highly educated religious man was challenged to understand how he must enter into heaven unless he is born again. His mind went to his first birth form his mom, the natural birth we all come into being, wondering how he could enter his mother’s womb a second time being a full grown man now.

Ah, you see? We are all born living, moving, and having our being inside of God’s Omnipresence here on earth, but we all are not born automatically inside of Jesus. There is a second birth we must agree with and accept if we are to be truly in Jesus.

Our first birth is in the natural process and functions from our mothers of the earth, which puts us inside God’s order of creation. The other birth is a spirit-quickening birth placing us inside Jesus like an ark of protection for the day we permanently leave our fleshly bodies and this world.

No one is inside Jesus unless they follow God’s requirements. Jesus died, was buried, and resurrected. These are the steps to live, move, and have our being inside Jesus.

If you want to live, move, and have your being truly in God and in Jesus then you must be born again of the water and of the Spirit applying to yourself what Jesus did.

ACTS 2:38

  • The dying part is simply you and I repenting of our sins wishing to have no part with sinning ever again. The “I want to be free” from sin.
  • The being buried is simply you and I going down under water baptism in Jesus name symbolizing the burial part.
  • The resurrection is simply you and I receiving the powerful infilling of God’s Spirit speaking a language our spirit does not know, but trusting God’s Spirit to give us the utterance as a sign He has moved inside of our bodies like a roommate with our spirit for the purpose to guide us into all knowledge of truth.

You are naturally born living, moving, and having your being into God, but you are not naturally born living, moving, and having your being into Jesus. You can be inside God and not be inside Jesus.

The first part to getting inside Jesus, the sin and evil debt must be paid by blood before you and I can truly enter inside the body of Jesus Christ. Born again of the water is water baptism in Jesus name applying his blood from calvary through his name upon us washing away our sins.

Side Note: Baptism in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is NOT applying the blood. The Father does not have blood, nor does the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus had blood within him.

This is why God had it written in Acts 4:12 , “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Jesus is the combining of God’s Spirit and a place of purity for all to fellowship once again directly with God.

The second part of getting inside Jesus is the necessity of God’s guiding Spirit inside of us pointing the way of the knowledge of good while living with the knowledge of evil tempting us in this world as it did Jesus. The speaking another language we have not learned is a without-a-doubt submitting absolute faith and control into trusting the power of God’s Spirit as Eve and Adam did not – a quickening Spirit. You know you have received God’s Spirit when He is speaking through you. You will never be the same.

We can only be completely scripturally inside of Jesus with his blood and his spirit born again experience or we are only living, moving, and having our being in God naturally with the rest of the world and creation outside of the body of Jesus.

The devil wants you and I to only live naturally in God’s created world so when we die we will go with him to the burning lake of fire that was originally only made for the fallen angels. He can’t be inside Jesus like we can. He can’t be inside God and inside Jesus.

I hope this made sense that you can be in God, but not in Jesus. We are naturally living, moving, and having our being in God, but God wants us to live, move, and have our being inside His son of salvation – Jesus Christ.

Have you been baptized in Jesus name applying the lamb’s blood of God washing away all your sins? Have you received His Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking another language you have not learned?

You talk about the most powerful life changing experience. It goes way beyond a few spoken words and a hand shake of acceptance from people. You get the Almighty God as a roommate inside your body to fellowship with everyday and telling you amazing stuff like He has done for me and others. You will never be the same.

This could be the difference of being inside God naturally and inside Jesus spiritually. The book of Acts is not a dead history book mixed in with living books in the Bible. I would be afraid to pick and choose on my own thinking what is dead in God’s Bible as a cold history book and to what is alive because Acts 2:39 has it as a ‘…to all and generations to come…‘. I love being open to God and His Spirit.

God is not dead in any of the books of the Bible. He just upgraded to a more permanent plan of salvation if we are willing to know the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent living, moving, and having his being for the purpose of our eternal Life.

I want to be in God and in Jesus Christ living, moving, and having my being in such a way people will see God beyond my physical appearance, hear God beyond the words I speak, and feel God beyond the touch of my hand.

May God richly bless you and I hope to see you inside God and inside Jesus living, moving, and having your being blessed with all the fruits of God that comes with it.

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