Judge and Criminal Switch

There is a parallel of two important court rooms in the Bible that will amaze you. There was the court room with God being the judge, jury, and executioner for mankind and the devil in the beginning. Then there was the court room with mankind and the devil being the judge, jury, and executioners for God mid way of history.

In the beginning mankind only had ONE LAW to worry about. It was NOT a law of having other gods before Him, making idols to worship, taking God’s name in vain, remembering the Sabbath, committing murder, committing adultery, stealing, being a liar witness, and coveting.

It was one law of NOT EATING of one tree out of millions to choose from. No other laws were needed. The only protection they needed from being harmed was NOT EATING one fruit of one tree.

Side Note: Wow, here is an off the beaten path thought: what would our world be today if we did not have to worry about any other harm than someone eating of this one tree? Living everyday with no murders, no sexual assaults, no lying, no stealing, no gossiping backstabbing is almost a thought a person could not wrap their mind around.

Now, back on track to the one law and God explaining the consequences of breaking that one law – death: when Eve and Adam broke that law the judgment was unchangeable because God’s word cannot be changed only fulfilled.

Prepping the situation: God was inside Adam and Eve with the life of His Spirit creating an eternal soul with the freedom of choices. Satan (the devil) was inside the serpent with no freedom of choices only evil.


We are now entering into the crime scene. God interviews gathering the statements from the ones involved. Adam, the answer to hiding was because they were naked. Adam, the answer to who told you were naked. Adam, the answer to breaking the one not to eat the one fruit law, Adam’s answer was the woman gave me to eat of the forbidden tree.

God interviews the woman. Eve, the answer to is this true, Eve’s answer was the serpent lied deceiving me into eating.


God does not interview the serpent because the eternal truth is not be tampered with from a being that has already made their eternal choice. God sits down into the chair of the court room passing judgment upon the earthly serpent and the eternally fallen angel, the devil, within.

JUDGMENT: the Serpents Part

God put His judgment Word into motion that cannot be changed only fulfilled with the serpent being cursed from other animals, crawl on his belly eating dust for the rest of its life. The serpent’s children and the woman’s children will be opposed and/or hostile between each other. The woman will have a son that will crush the serpent’s head with only the allowance of the serpent striking his heel.

JUDGMENT: the Woman’s Part

God looking to the woman, childbearing will be severe with painful labor giving birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you.

JUDGMENT: the Man’s Part

The 3rd and final judgment upon Adam, God’s first born son. Your judgment is because “you listened” to your wife and ate the fruit I commanded you not to eat; cursed is the earth because of you; painful toiling for your food all the days of your life. The earth will produce thorns and thistles for you. You will eat plants of the field and by the sweat of your brow you will eat until the day death takes your body back to the ground from where you came from; for the dust you are and to the dust you return.


This was the court room of God with three guilty criminals standing before Him receiving three unchangeable judgments at the beginning of the earth. These sentences were to be carried out from generation to generation. Mankind and the devil’s vessel in God’s court room.


This is the strange part. Jesus was falsely accused of breaking God’s law and blaspheming God. This is the opposite being treated as a criminal, but innocent as appose to Eve, Adam, and the serpent being guilty criminals. Jesus, being God in the flesh, was slapped, spit on, beaten, yanking his beard from his face, whipped ripping his flesh, thorns of the earth shoved onto his head like a crown, nails through his hands and feet on a cross, and a spear shoved into his side all in one night to that morning.

Adam and Eve were put on a probationary period with time to repent of their guilty criminal ways. Jesus was innocent with no time to prove his innocence in mankind’s court.

God was inside that man Jesus while the courts of this world inflicted upon him all three judgments God had passed upon the serpent, the woman, and the man.


You may ask “why”? God’s court room had mercy laced inside His judgments. The serpent was totally evil under the devil’s control. Adam and Eve were not totally under evil because they had God’s goodness inside them before they sinned. God put a seed in mankind that would be born to crush the works of the serpent paying the unchangeable, but only can be fulfilled judgment of God saving mankind with a second chance to return to His goodness.

God inside the man Jesus absorbed the judgments of mankind/Devil’s court room absolutely fulfilling all judgments He put forth at the beginning of time. The man Jesus sealed everything in his flesh covering it with his pure and innocent blood. When Jesus rose on the third day from the death, hell, and the grave he became the way, the truth and the life that no man can come to God except by him.

This explains why Jesus said you must be born again of the water and of the spirit (Jn. 3). It pays off the three judgments put forth in God’s court room inside mankind’s courtroom. God took care of the devil and mankind through the vessel He created for Himself in Christ Jesus the man born of a woman.

Being born of the water and of the spirit fulfills both courtrooms of God and the devils. If you have not been born again this leaves you on the outside of Jesus and still under the judgments God’s unchangeable law. The key to bypassing death, hell, and the grave is to get on the inside of Jesus through being born a second time.


Being born again, on the inside of Jesus, is not like trying to be born through the pain of your mother as an adult. It is being born through the onetime adsorbing birth of Jesus Christ. His is a one time birth for all of mankind through his name – Jesus. It is not like a natural continual earthly birth, but a onetime eternal birth through his flesh and his spirit.

Mankind has always mixed up what God has said. The serpent possessed by the devil twisted, lied, and deceived Eve passing it to all of mankind. Do you not think the devil will do his best to twist, lie, and deceive as many as he can on the second birth?

When people asked the disciples on what they must do to be saved from these eternal courtroom judgments. The born of the water and of the spirit was explained fulfilling and not trying to change God’s law.


To get on the inside and the protection of Jesus the born of the water is for us to repent, never wanting to purposely sin, and be totally submerged in water speaking the name of Jesus applying the Lamb of God’s blood in that name upon us washing away ALL of our sins – born again of the water. It is symbolic of being buried with Jesus in water baptism.

People baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost is not being born of the water because it is hiding the fact the Father has no blood, the Son is a title and not a name, and the Holy Ghost has no blood. You cannot kill the Father or the Holy Ghost. You see it is a little twisting of the scripture denying all the things the apostles did in the book of Acts under the authority Jesus commanded them.

The forbidden fruit to Eve was a little twisting thought on God’s eternal word. Water baptism in Jesus name fulfills being born again of the water under the protection of his pure blood. Jesus is the name of the Father. Jesus is the name of the Son. Jesus is the name of the infilling of the Holy Ghost by which we are born of the spirit. The blood is in Jesus name.


Back to getting on the inside of Jesus through being born again of the water and the spirit: we are buried with him in water baptism applying his blood through his name. The being born again of the Holy Spirit is where we seek Jesus to infill us with the power of the Holy Ghost.

You may ask “why the power“? You and I are not able by ourselves to perceive and understand all the twisting of God’s word against the devil alone. We need the power of the Holy Ghost to guide us into all truth about everything. We need the power of the Holy Ghost to live by the knowledge of good and to separate/contain the knowledge of evil keeping it in its place.

The Holy Ghost will help us to see ALL truth from things under our own noses such as a bad temper, hidden jealousy, cold heartedness, and many other things. The Holy Ghost will help us see God’s word as it truly is above the words of the second court room of mankind. The Holy Ghost will helps us on how to walk with God as Jesus the man showed us all the perfect example of what a real son of God should be and not like Adam.

Did you know you can have the power of the Holy Spirit like the apostles did in the book of Acts? You can! The devil does not want you to have this power so he has twisted it into being only a apostle thing and a dead history book called “Acts” in the Bible. What he don’t want you to know is this power of the Holy Spirit is a promise to all generations and even to all a far off (Acts 2:39). This is the unchangeable promise of God pouring His Spirit upon all flesh. God did not stop pouring out His Spirit.

Being born of the Spirit happens when you are praying and praising God in your natural born language then you begin to feel this hair raising glory you know to be God and your native tongue language turns speaking a language you do not know because you have allowed God’s Holy Spirit in Jesus name to speak through you another language you do not know as God gives you the utterance. You feel a glory of God springing up within you praising God in a oneness with Him fulfilling the born again of the spirit.


You become one with Jesus in water baptism and Spirit infilling covered by his blood and spirit reconnecting, redeeming, and reconciling you back to God free from the court rooms of God and mankind.

Religious mankind and the devil hates the book of Acts because it does not match the doctrines they have put together. The devil inside the serpent put his doctrine together to deceive Eve. What makes you think the devil has given up and has not disguised himself as an angel of light?

The blood of Jesus and the spirit of Jesus is the born again of the water and of the spirit to get us into heaven fulfilling the judgments of God. If there is any part of the Bible you avoid or ignore it is possible you have some things at work from mankind. We should have no fear in facing anything in God’s word because He wants His children to totally live by the knowledge of good.

You will find the total born again answer in one scripture, Acts 2:38, with tons of others supporting in totality of God’s intentions.

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