Your Blueprint

You have a blueprint from God. He has a hope and a desire personally for you. He has given you the power to be your own master builder making the decisions for the life you want to build. You are your own builder constructing your life using the material He has given you. You have your heart, mind, soul and body as the material He has given you to work with. What have you done with the material God has given you? It is all about what we have done with God’s material. Jn. 1:1 “In the beginning was the … Continue reading Your Blueprint

Unseen Loneliness

“Unseen Loneliness” connects with the statement when a blind person says, “I see“. It is not the ability to see with your physical eyes, but with your eyes of understanding and perception. We see the outside of people everyday, but we have no clue what is going on in the inside with their spirit. Hollywood does NOT have the best actors. Some pass by you everyday and possibly even yourself. Loneliness sneaks up on a person from different sides. You unexpectedly have a thought of “I don’t really have someone I can truly trust with my inner feelings without the … Continue reading Unseen Loneliness

Judge and Criminal Switch

There is a parallel of two important court rooms in the Bible that will amaze you. There was the court room with God being the judge, jury, and executioner for mankind and the devil in the beginning. Then there was the court room with mankind and the devil being the judge, jury, and executioners for God mid way of history. In the beginning mankind only had ONE LAW to worry about. It was NOT a law of having other gods before Him, making idols to worship, taking God’s name in vain, remembering the Sabbath, committing murder, committing adultery, stealing, being … Continue reading Judge and Criminal Switch