Your Blueprint

You have a blueprint from God. He has a hope and a desire personally for you. He has given you the power to be your own master builder making the decisions for the life you want to build. You are your own builder constructing your life using the material He has given you. You have your heart, mind, soul and body as the material He has given you to work with. What have you done with the material God has given you? It is all about what we have done with God’s material.

Jn. 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word…” The “Word” Means thought, idea, and plan (spirit blueprint, invisible). God had a blueprint (thought, idea, and plan) of what he wanted to exist before it truly existed. What to wrap your mind around is what God thought as a blueprint before it physically came into being was already existing in His Spirit. With the blueprint in His Spirit He saw the heavens, the angels, and the earth. With the blueprint in His Spirit He saw the creation that would reflect His spiritual being if it were to be in physical form.

His blueprint of Himself was Jesus, a man, in spirit blueprint form before physically existing. God created the first man, Adam, from the material of the earth according to His blueprint of His Spirit image and a likeness of Himself if He were to be focused into a physical form.

Jn. 1:3 “All things were made by him…” 1:10 “…And the world was made by him…” God was a Spirit and is a Spirit and will always be a Spirit giving life to materials from His blueprint in His mind of all creations. You can image a man standing in an open field looking down at the blueprint in his hand for the house that will be created by the materials matching the blueprint, but it only exists in the blueprint and not physically in the field.

Every tiny aspect of man is created from God’s blueprint to reflect a tiny portion of His All Present Spirit image, His All Powerful existence, and His All Knowing likeness. You are the material of the blueprint of God, but you have the final choice of the blueprint you want to use.

A blueprint is a thought, an idea, and a plan drawn out for something to exist. When you build a house it does not exist except in the blueprint. You take up the materials and start forming the house according to the plan. You are your own material that you build your life with. Your speed, strength, wisdom, understanding, looks, and skills are the material you control on what life you want to build.

God took the material of the earth and started forming His image and likeness in a clay house. Adam was created physically from the dust of the earth according to the blueprint of God. God breathed into this house of clay the eternal light of life into an individual eternal soul. God had a blueprint He would like for Adam to choose to be, but Adam had the freedom of choice to do what He wanted to do. You are like Adam with the freedom to follow whatever pattern you want to follow.

God had a blueprint He wanted and desired before anything physically existed. Another words, God has desires like any father would for his children, but the children can decide for themselves what they want. This is where people who believe in predestination got this from for those predestined to go to heaven and hell. This is NOT true. God has a blueprint for everyone to be saved, but the truth is some people want to do things their own way and for get God (2 Peter 3:9).

God has a blueprint for you and it is based on His desire to see the knowledge of good to flourish inside of you, but you maintain the freedom of choice. We can have our own blueprint separating ourselves from God’s blueprint like Lucifer. We can make up our own blueprint.

Everything in heaven including the angels were created out of God’s blueprint for good, but there was another blueprint. A blueprint based on the knowledge of evil, NOT God’s choice, but it did exist. There can be no choice if there is not another to choose from.

A choice would be between God’s blueprint or your own thought, idea or plan. The angels had the freedom of staying with God’s blueprint or choosing their own path to walk. Their minds, hearts, and bodies were the material they could do with whatever they wanted.

It has always been about what we have done with God’s material. There was a blueprint in place, but it was up to us on how we used the material. It is not God’s fault because His choice was the blueprint of good. It was Lucifer, a third of the angels, Eve and Adam’s choice for the blueprint of evil.

God laid the foundation of heaven for the angels and Himself. Some angels stayed within their materials to be the angels they were supposed to be. Lucifer and a third of the angels decided to take their materials God gave them to build a different kind of blueprint, which divided them from God’s desired heavenly home. They removed themselves from His desired blueprint for their lives.

God laid the foundation of the sun, moon, and stars along with the earth and the creatures of the earth. When Eve and Adam accepted the blueprint of the knowledge of evil it corrupted them. They took the material of the blueprint of the knowledge of good that God gave them and made the decision to incorporate and mix with the blueprint of the knowledge of evil.

God has given you your foundation on which to live. He has a blueprint for you He wishes to see you build before Him, but you can do whatever you want with the material he has given you. If you choose your own blueprint it is breaking away from the oneness of God starting your own oneness blueprint taking others with you because no one lives to them self nor dies to their self. Your blueprint choice affects you and those are around you (Ro. 14:7)

Here is the greatest beauty anyone could ever understand when God Himself entered into his own blueprint as a baby born upon the earth for the sole purpose of re-establishing his blueprint for his children that were made in His image and His likeness.

Jesus was God in the beginning as though he were already in the flesh. “In the beginning was the word” – Jesus was the desired blueprint of God for Adam and Eve to freely choose to be. “And the Word was with God” the blueprint of God laid out for man was Jesus Christ for mankind to build on if he wanted. God laid the foundation for all of us to choose what blueprint we would take our own material (heart, mind, soul, and body) to build. Many people throughout history and even today around have chosen blueprints for their own personal gain.

Jesus the man made his decision to follow God Almighty in the blueprint He desired for His children in mankind. There is no fire strong enough to burn up the material Jesus laid on the foundation of God. The devil tempted Jesus to alter God’s desired blueprint. Men around Jesus tempted him to do other things away from God’s desired blueprint. When they could not get Jesus to change to their blueprints they decided to attempt to kill the blueprint of Jesus on the cross.

The blood, the death, and the spirit of the blueprint of Jesus provided a way for all others to renew their blueprints of evil into his redeeming and reconciliation blueprint of the knowledge of good to the oneness with God once again. You can be free to be good in God taking your material and making it into the fullness of what God Almighty had in store for you.

God has a blueprint just for you. Your body, your mind, and your personality have a material that is anointed inside His blueprint for your life. The only thing for you to do is use what He has given you according to His blueprint, but you do have a choice. You are a unique and special part in the body, blueprint, of Jesus Christ, God manifested in the flesh.

Everything we do with our bodies and our minds is a material being laid down on some foundation whether in the blueprint of God or the blueprint of selfishness. It is what we have done with God’s blueprint, accepted or declined.

I had never thought of it before. God has a blueprint for me. God has a blueprint for you. He has the knowledge of good blueprint and hopes you will take yourself as the material and place yourself on His foundation to be with Him forever.

We see God’s broken heart through Jesus looking upon mankind in his suffering under the blueprint of the knowledge of evil. God longed to pull us back under His wing of protection being fully blessed with life and life more abundantly completing us in His blueprint of the knowledge of good.

God’s blueprint for salvation has the material of His perfect lamb’s blood, death, and resurrection through the fleshly material of Jesus Christ for whom He dwelt fully inside bodily (Col. 1:9).

We can be born again back into the original blueprint God had for us through the blueprint of God’s Lamb slain, Jesus Christ, before the foundation of the earth (Heb. 9:6).

The name of Jesus is God’s blueprint for us to be saved. “I am the Way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the father, but by me“ (God’s blueprint, Jn14:6). “…neither is their salvation in any other: four there is none other name under heaven given among men, we are by we must be saved” (God’s blueprint, Acts 4:12).

Acts 2:38 is the total sum of getting back into God’s blueprint for your life. Water baptism in Jesus name applies the forgiveness and the washing away of all your sins. The infilling of God’s Holy Spirit is sent to you in Jesus name (Jn. 14:26). This is the fulfilling of God’s blueprint of being born again of the water and the spirit (Jn. 3).

There is a blueprint inside of God’s word that belongs to Him, but there is also another blueprint that man creates for himself using God’s word for personal gain like Lucifer.

I want my material God gave me to freely use as I see fit to fall into place as God’s blueprint meant for them to be because in the final day fire will burn us all as a test to where we shall live eternally. Have you used yourself for things in this world you cannot take with you? Have you allowed others to take advantage of your physical or mental abilities/material for their personal gain?

What have you done with the material God gave you? It is all about what we have done with God and the choices we have made on His foundation. He gave you a body, a mind, a heart, and a soul to build whatever you want by your choice. What blueprint do you choose for your life?

He has personally a desired blueprint waiting for you to choose. You will never be the same person when you trust your life’s material into His will.

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