Just For You

This evening I felt the Lord taking me back to the woman that broke the letter of the law by committing adultery and was sitting between a wall of men with rocks in their hands ready to stone her to death and on the other side one man left with the final word of her judgment. I see the woman in her village with all the people knowing her life style. When she walks down the street all the eyes look upon her with shame. She enters the store for supplies and she can feel the air is filled with … Continue reading Just For You

Between Death and Life

Every day we all find ourselves between things. We are in the middle ofchoosing this one or that one. We are always between choices. You and I are always in the middle of something whether we are aware of it or not. As a child you had to make choices. Some choices were fun and some were no fun at all. Parent(s), siblings, neighbors, teachers, coaches, relatives, and many others put you in a place between choices. The sad part about choices is once you have decided the results could be bad and you had to find out the hard … Continue reading Between Death and Life