Unseen Loneliness

Unseen Loneliness” connects with the statement when a blind person says, “I see“. It is not the ability to see with your physical eyes, but with your eyes of understanding and perception. We see the outside of people everyday, but we have no clue what is going on in the inside with their spirit. Hollywood does NOT have the best actors. Some pass by you everyday and possibly even yourself.

Loneliness sneaks up on a person from different sides. You unexpectedly have a thought of “I don’t really have someone I can truly trust with my inner feelings without the fear of them betraying me” and your eyes see those around you in different levels of relationships and you are not.

Loneliness causes a depression and sad feelings upon your physical body and your thoughts. Your body longs for the five senses to be filled with joyful things. Your eyes want to drink in another person’s attention that is good. Your ears long for the sounds of words traveling from another person’s lips with the “I get you, I connect with you, or I understand where you are coming from“. You want to be touched on many desirous levels from the holding of hands, a hug, a kiss, to other phases of intimacy and just a good conversations on your level.

The “Unseen Loneliness” is when the body goes through all kinds of experiences waking up to the reality of having a functioning body walking among other people doing everyday duties, but a spirit inside no one sees or cares to see. It is as though you are inside a mobile machine looking out through its windows.

Our bodies become moving planets through space with no one who cares to land and discover what is inside the planet. You are a whole world of things from the seen to the unseen that can only be discovered by “taking the time” to explore what is below the surface. Every person you see has things far beyond the physical beauty or not so pretty outward appearance.

As you grow older the “Unseen Loneliness” gradually takes you over. You find yourself doing your daily “what is expected of you” duties while those physically around you have no clue whatsoever of how lonely you feel. You interact with them answering with the right response all the while your spirit is starving for someone to really know you. Elderly people look out through their aging eyes from an eternal spirit of “Unseen Loneliness“. Their young spirit is subject to the dictatorship of an aging body.

You can be single, married, popular, not popular, known, unknown and still have the “Unseen Loneliness“. Your body is present with people, but your starving spirit is not seen. You can be lonely in a crowd. Most people want what they can get from you physically, a means to their end, and trash any thoughts on knowing your spirit.

This is why the young, the beautiful, the talented, and the rich are for the majority of times just liked because of what their surface and substance can give to people and they are simply forgotten for the next upcoming thrill.

I see you there looking out the windows of your eyes watching the world pass you by. You tried talking like other people talk, dress like other people dressed, buy matching things other people had, doing things you don’t want to do, and still you are not accepted in their group.

Where did “loneliness” come from? Is “loneliness” good or evil? Why can I not shake “loneliness” off of me or find a stable solution? I can stand there among them and no one truly sees me. I can add to your life and you can add to mine, but you don’t give me a chance. Where did “loneliness” come from?

In the beginning…” those words have such a loneliness sound to them as a start of being alone when it all began. In the beginning it was just me. I was alone. I had no one to talk to other than myself. No one was by my side. I walked by the waters alone. If I lie down there is no one to keep me warm. I Am alone looking over the balcony of space.

In the beginning is where you will find the “Unseen Loneliness” and its origin. God was all alone having His All Presence everywhere with no else inside it. God had All knowledge with no one else to share. God had All Power with no one else to live in that power. This is looking back to a time when there where no angels, no sun, no universe, and no earth.

Is. 45:5 “I am the LORD, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God…” He was alone. Can God feel lonely? Is it wrong for God to feel lonely? Can you feel lonely? Is it wrong for you to feel lonely? Is loneliness a sin? My answer is “No”.

Loneliness is a desire to give and share with others with a returning benefit. Loneliness is a desire for fellowship. Loneliness is a longing to give yourself to another as you are. Loneliness is the motivation to walk the path asking, seeking, and knocking for the opening in finding answers you long in your heart.

You may feel alone with no one to talk to, but yourself. You believe no one cares to understand you and possibly rejects you. You may even hide inside your body going through the motions people would interpret as being fulfilled and living life, while the “Unseen Loneliness” torments you.

Eph. 1:11 “…after the counsel of his own will:” In your loneliness do you talk to yourself? I have said out loud, “I think I will do this“, “I am not sure if this will work“, or “what can I do” to myself with no one else around. Would it be any different for God to talk to Himself speaking out loud His thoughts of sunlight into “let there be light”, Ge. 1:3. The difference with God and us is His spoken word comes into existence, whereas our spoken words are only hopeful thinking.

God wanted inside His All present Spirit, All knowing Knowledge, and All Power activity of other creations. God wanted creatures made out of eternal pure goodness. He created angels made with eternal substance, but with a free will choice to choose for themselves how they want to exist.

Unseen Loneliness” existed before all creations. The reason I believe that is because after God created something speaking His word He would follow up with “it is good“. He was taking delight within Himself for the creations He could give and share Himself with.

God was looking for someone to share Himself with and for them to share themselves with Him. Just like us though God made His choice of wanting only good and not evil. He required His fellowship to be only through the knowledge of good and not the knowledge of evil. He separated and contained evil within Himself, but it was not locked away from the choices of the angels or mankind. God knows what evil will bring into a relationship.

I don’t know how long the angels walked with God until a third of them broke off their relationship with God wanting to destroy Him through the choice of merging their goodness with evil. They found out real quick that only God Himself can control evil keeping it in it’s place and their angelic eternal goodness was fully converted to eternal evil.

Could it be the angels could see the outside of God, but could not see with understanding the core of His Spirit? People see your outside everyday, but do they see the core of your spirit? Oh, how many long for someone to see them for who they are and not the outward body they desire giving their true self freedom. A wanting of me for me and not what I can do for you understanding.

God loves His creations, but you can tell He wanted something more. “Unseen Loneliness” is that hidden element inside you that loves some things in life, but deep down you want something more. You want a completeness and a fulfillment that supersedes the outside life around you.

God created us in His image and likeness like no other creations. Children after His own counsel and will. He gave us a portion of His Spirit. He created a soul made of His eternal Spirit inside a non-eternal body.

Remember, I said God was pleased with the creations and He would say, “it is good”, but with His first son, Adam, He said, “… It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.“. God saw loneliness and did not want the “being alone” for Himself or His creations. This is where we get that “Unseen Loneliness“.

You and I are not alone in feeling that “Unseen Loneliness“. When you are crying on the inside or longing for that “I want to share with someone” God is there longing for your spirit to see His Spirit. He wants His child to walk side by side with Him. He loves to remove our “Unseen Loneliness” the world cannot see with His Spirit of abundant life.

You can wait your whole life waiting on people to come to your rescue, but the “Unseen Loneliness” keeps people in the dark about how you truly feel. The satisfactions of this life is a temporary fix while your spirit needs an eternal fix. This is why drugs fail, alcohol fails, and other attempts fail because they are made of temporary substance. This is why Jesus said to the woman at the well about a drink she could have and never thirst again.

You can have the best Spirit roommate with your spirit inside your body through the “Unseen Loneliness” in God. His love for you and I was so strong He was born as one of us to face all the things that separated us from Him. He took our debt to sin and paid it through Jesus Christ to restore us to him.

You may be lonely in the flesh, but God does not want you to be lonely in your spirit. Your flesh will return to the dust of the earth, but your spirit will live on forever with the choice of two places. As one of His children He would prefer if we choose to live with Him after this life.

You may have the “Unseen Loneliness” inside yourself the people around you don’t see, but that does not mean your spirit has to be the same. You can have a fellowship in your spirit with God that will absolutely change your life. I guarantee you will never be the same.

Start a relationship with God having no fear to discuss with Him anything you want, but be ready for answers you may not expect. This was the absolutely best thing I ever did. The one thing I decided in this relationship was if He will listen to everything I had to say I would listen to everything He had to say no matter what others may think.

This is why I have this blog because I want to share with you the pain we face in this world and the difference God has made in my life when everyone else runs over the “Unseen Loneliness“. You suffer inside and the world says, “Get Over It!“, but God says, He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:5).

If He will take me in as I am then I want to give Him the same treatment and take Him in as He is. You will thoroughly enjoy finding out what people says God doesn’t do anymore to be found wrong. God still does amazing things everyday, but people allow those things to fall into the “Unseen” categories.

I am glad He gave me a new life and a second chance. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have been baptized in the greatest name in heaven and on earth for the washing away of my sins. He then filled me with His Spirit (Acts 2:38). Don’t suffer anymore with the “Unseen Loneliness“.

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