Between Death and Life

Every day we all find ourselves between things. We are in the middle of
choosing this one or that one. We are always between choices. You and I are always in the middle of something whether we are aware of it or not.

As a child you had to make choices. Some choices were fun and some were no fun at all. Parent(s), siblings, neighbors, teachers, coaches, relatives, and many others put you in a place between choices.

The sad part about choices is once you have decided the results could be bad and you had to find out the hard way it was a bad choice. Good choices have a glow about them with a feeling it was a divine plan that was meant to be falling into your hands.

Some things we are between we have a choice and in others we have NO choice. Having the freedom to choose is great, but you don’t know how great that freedom is until you are between something and the choice lies in others.

The Scene: John Chapter 8

In one country they had strict laws. People were to follow the letter of the
law. If anyone broke the letter of the law they were to be punished according to the level of the law they broke. Husbands and wives were to have intercourse with no one else, but their spouses.

A teacher was born into this country with God anointed understandings of the letter of the law God gave the people. The religious leaders did not like his interpretation of the letter of the law because it was pure and a side they had never seen in the letter of the law.

The God sent teacher was at the temple when a group of religious leaders of men brought a woman throwing her down at the teacher’s feet. The men told the teacher this woman was caught in the act of adultery and the letter of the law says she should be stoned to death for breaking it.

I can see the teacher God sent on one side and the group of men with rocks in their hands on the other side. The woman is the one that got my attention. She was in between them. She had made her choices in life of which side she would choose. She is now in the middle of Death or Life.

Now, she is in between two sides with her choice in their hands. She had
already heard the one side giving their choice of stone her to death according to the letter of the law. She is waiting to hear the response of the God sent teacher.

What they all did not know this teacher from God was the letter of the law in flesh and much more. This man on the other side of this woman was the Word made flesh (Jn. 1:14). He was and is the living letter of the law come to complete the law for mankind. He was and is the Word in the beginning of creation. He was the letter of the law of the order of things here on earth and in the heavens above.

This man teacher in the flesh had the Spirit of the Almighty God that stood on one side of Adam and Eve with the devil on the other side. The Spirit of God was the letter of law of order and protection, if you eat this one particular fruit you will surely die. This man before the woman was the letter of the law with flesh and blood.

The devil was there saying kill them the letter of the law demands it. God
knew it had to be done, but not right at that moment. Death and sin was passed onto all mankind through Adam and Eve, but the execution was not at that very moment. God inserted into the birth channel of mankind a promise of one day returning to fulfill the letter of the law’s requirements for His children.

This is what was on the other side of the woman waiting to be stoned to
death for her guiltiness of adultery. We all have experienced people condemning us and very few seeing past our regrets and wishes we had never done what we had done or said.

She was in the middle of death on one side and unknown of the other side. The teacher/master began to speak as the woman hearing the words pass over her to the men with stones. He said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. The death side had words to think about from the other side, which is revealed to be the side of life for the woman.

She was between the choices of Death or Life with no control on what the
final outcome will be. She was sitting between the letter of the law from the Old Testament and the spirit of the law in the New Testament of God. She was between the devil calling for her death and God saying not death right now, but life.

I see her as I do see us today between the Old Testament of the letter of
the law and the New Testament of Jesus Christ fulfilling the Law for us. All of us are born under the letter of law that demands a payment of death – a letter that killeth if you will, but on the other side of us is the Spirit of Jesus offering the payment in our place through him unto eternal life.

The woman hearing the words of Jesus had to realize no one there was without sin to cast the first stone, but still what choice will they make. Will they defy the words of Jesus, the teacher of God? She hears one stone drop, but there are many men. One stone could still be the death of her. It must be all of them with a unanimous choice for her to live. The stones started dropping one by one from the oldest man in the group down to the youngest.

All was quiet around the woman until she heard the one man who had no sin and the right to through the first stone say to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She looked around to see none of her accusers, only the stones meant for her death on the ground. (11) She
said, “No one, sir“.

The wall of men demanding the letter of the law that killeth to be fulfilled
were gone and the one man from the other side said to her, “Then
neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin

I see all of us in the middle between these two eternal forever set in place
laws that will be executed. Adam and Eve’s situation has not changed to this day for the letter of the law of death to be fulfilled, but not right now. We have time to choose the other side with Jesus stepping in our place fulfilling the law through himself setting us free to eternal life.

All we have to do is to leave our life of sin turning against it in a
repentful way, be baptized/submerged in water in Jesus name applying his blood of atonement/forgiveness on us, and receive the power of his Spirit inside of us (Acts 2:38 the plan of salvation). The stones of death will be dropped to the ground around us and we will walk away with life and life more abundantly.

We are free to make choices everyday no matter if they are good or bad. We are in the same position like that woman between death and life, but the difference is we have the choice right now to choose eternal life joining the side of Jesus or wait until death visits us later with an unchanging eternal sentence of death.

Choose Jesus and your accusers have no power to inflict upon you their
decisions and look up to see only Jesus with all the death tools lying on the
ground with no power.

We are all in the middle. I want you to feel the forgiveness I have felt. Whom do you choose?

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