I Found Myself

“I Found Myself” sounds funny to me because “how can you be lost from yourself?” The thought makes me laugh, but the truth is we all ask the question “Who am I“. I did go through the years of asking the questions “Who am I“, “Why am I here“, and “What is my purpose“. Finding the core of who you are is one of the toughest things to truly find with clear understanding, but it is absolutely crucial to living this life. The journey of finding yourself involves listening to what you think, say, and do as though you are … Continue reading I Found Myself

Fighting Myself

Have you ever found yourself wondering “why did I say that“, “why did I do that“, or “what was I thinking“? It is a moment when you realize there is something else going on here. You say to yourself, “I would normally never say or do that“. It is a frozen moment of time in your mind processing “what just happened“? I don’t know if you have had this experience with getting angry or not. It could be from some other emotion you have experienced. For many years I would easily get angry saying and doing things I would later … Continue reading Fighting Myself