Two Single People As One

We all would love to have someone who totally gets us. The type of humor, the concerns, the personal needs, the perceptions, and the understanding of goals in life. For two people to be as one is a relationship with very low divisions and misunderstandings between them. It is like the old saying, “united we stand, divided we fall” meaning together you can make a solid stand in life and divided you are on your own. “Two People As One” is the perfect dream relationship. It is a relationship in which two parties act as one mind, heart, body, and … Continue reading Two Single People As One

Bible Versions – Which One

One of the traps of the devil and others about Bible versions is one version has a scripture and the other one has something totally different or it is missing some things. This can be be devastating to a child of God. It can cause doubt and wavering in their faith in God. Confusion and frustration sets in to the hungry heart for God’s salvation of a second chance. Do not worry God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33). It will be alright. The Bible is the one hope for all of mankind to find the truth … Continue reading Bible Versions – Which One

Seeing Beyond Yourself

Did you know you have four eyes and four ears? The four eyes is not a reference to glasses. If that were the case, I guess you would have six eyes like me. When you see someone you can only see two of their eyes and two of their ears. The extra set of eyes and ears can only be seen by spending extra time with them. If I only see two eye balls where are the other two eyes? The same question for the ears if only two are seen. How does spending time with them reveal the extra … Continue reading Seeing Beyond Yourself