Bible Versions – Which One

One of the traps of the devil and others about Bible versions is one version has a scripture and the other one has something totally different or it is missing some things. This can be be devastating to a child of God. It can cause doubt and wavering in their faith in God. Confusion and frustration sets in to the hungry heart for God’s salvation of a second chance. Do not worry God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33). It will be alright.

The Bible is the one hope for all of mankind to find the truth about the One true All Present God who created all things and to discover how God feels about things. We are all starving for something that is perfect in this world of chaos and false fronts pretending to be being perfect solutions turning out to be lies. God not only saves, but brings balance to your life.

I am here to help you if I can. I faced this very same thing and it caused some trouble in my life concerning God and His Word. I love how God will explain and open our minds to things we never thought of. As He did for me, let us simply divide the writers from the translators. This is key to seeing past the questions you may have of the different Bible versions you see today. God’s writers verses the translators.


There are two kinds of angels. The good angels flow with God’s word in truth as it is and the evil angels try to stop the truth twisting it to their evil ways. No matter what God says from the beginning of time when Lucifer and his followers thought they could handle God and the knowledge of evil mixed with their created good have been twisting the translation of God’s word deliberately since the beginning. Eve was the first victim to the devil of twisting the translation of God’s word with Adam following, which affected all of mankind to this day.

There are basically four types in mankind: The chosen of God, good intentions, on purpose, or the ignorant. All four types are not smarter than God. The “good intentions” person(s), no matter how noble their mind and heart is the fallible shortcoming is still in them. The “on purpose” (deliberate) persons are tainted with selfish fleshly goals attempting to dilute the translation of God’s word, which are in line with the devil. The “ignorant” person(s) come across so smart as though they know what they are talking about and you are beneath their intelligence, but are clearly far from God’s common sense. The “chosen of God” simply keep it as it is no matter how much the truth may hurt mankind’s ideas and traditions. As always, keep in mind the “chosen” are surrounded with the other types, but God can fix anything.


God chose people to write His word because they were receptive to His Spirit. God saw past their flaws to the elements within them to simply write what His Spirit told them. The individuals He used, what the people called prophets, did not write with their own interpretation or translation of things. None of the writers wrote the words from their own thoughts or will, but from God as He lead them along with each word through His Spirit (2 Peter 1:20, 21).

God found individuals that would work with Him in speaking His words as His Holy Spirit led them even though they did not get to see or hear with their own eyes and ears what God promised through His words (Luke 1:70; 10:24). They spoke God’s future plan for mankind without staining it from their own thoughts.

The things written about the writers (prophets) God chose to speak through to the people and to write God’s words down are full of accounts of murdering and torturing them because of the words of God. The words they were speaking and writing did not match what the people wanted to hear or read, therefore murdering them and changing God’s word was their answer.


Don’t be discouraged by the different things said in the different Bible versions. Try to acquaint yourself with other versions closer to the pure translations of the Bible and practice checking between them as a reference. Don’t be surprised about the Bible versions, preachers, pastors, and teachers because they are humans with shortcomings like us all. Don’t lift them up so high that if they should be wrong or fall out with God they would take you with them. Love God above man, man’s work, and man’s ideas. DON’T LIFT THEM UP SO HIGH – man is man with flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings.

The Bible versions are translated by people who were trying to please a king, authorities, a body of certain religions, and God. God’s writings are in there by majority for most Bible versions with a minority of their insertions of personal beliefs. You can sift out the fleshly personal beliefs.

In this day and time people do not want to hear God’s sound, complete, and whole doctrine. They want watered down versions with less condemnations. Today is a day people having itching ears for pleasant and easy ways to serve God (2 Tim. 4:3), even though they are not on the true path God has laid out a path for all of us to walk. They have sugar coated with smooth spoken words that we all are headed to the same place no matter what you believe. God was, is, and always will be specific. God is not a sloppy God, but a God of detail. The order of creations shows us this truth.


Through out time there have been many sacrificial people who have dedicated themselves to translating the Bible, but no matter how smart or their good intentions they are still people receptive to mistakes. For us to believe they are perfect is our fault to esteem them beside God. We are to do our best to study the word of God rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15). Good intentions can still make mistakes no matter how noble or honorable their effort may be.

Actually, some people started revering individuals with their understandings making them equal with the scriptures and accepting their understandings as scriptures. Apostle Peter is what the Catholic church claims as their first pope, but they do not obey his teachings in Acts 2:38. As men were nominated over time by other men to be pope whatever he says is counted equal to the scriptures. Other religions have exalted men after the apostles to be equal with the scriptures creating their own translations, additions, and subtractions of the Bible.


The “on purpose” translators are people who set out intentionally changing the Bible to meet their needs in convincing the world their way is perfect and everyone else is wrong. They cannot support their beliefs purely with the Bible as it is and it needs to be changed to appease the need. They want the world to see they are the majority, which to them makes them right and changing the Bible is alright because they are the largest in the world.

This is the group of people translating on purpose fall under the action of Deut. 4:2 that plainly says, do NOT add or subtract from what God gives you. The book of Revelation has it if you add to this book God will add the plagues described in this book to that person. It is dangerous to your soul and to those that believe you in the changes you make in the translation of God’s word. Changing God’s word is what the devil wants to do to condemn as many souls as he can along with his demons to dwell together in hell. Also, common sense would say, what human being has the right to change what God says, even Jesus did not change, but fulfilled God’s word.


This is the people among us who have the superior thinking within themselves and everyone else is below them and not worthy of their high intellect. They recklessly write down what they think the high intelligence should be written. The power of the human brain needs more than fleshly intelligence translating the word of God because it is spiritually discerned (1 Cor. 2:14). The smart men in Jesus day had him crucified not knowing He was God in the flesh. Being naturally smart can make a person spiritually dumb because the flesh is against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh (Gal. 5:17).

It is common for people who believe they are superior to think their thoughts are absolutely correct, but truly any smart person would want as many verifications as possible and would not be opposed to other things if they believe it is one hundred percent true.


People who God found to be more receptive to His Holy Spirit. They would simply follow and obey the leading thoughts of God onto paper without any personal will of their own mixed with the words they were writing. God found people who would surrender with the attitude “not my will, but Your will God be done.

The chosen translators have more than enough of God’s translation mixed in with the others to override their personal opinions about God’s word. You can find a great deal of pure translations in the King James version from that day. You can find a great deal of pure translation in the older New International Versions (not the newer ones), New American Standard Bibles, and Complete Jewish Bible. You can even have a Interlinear Bible version with the original language paralleled for the Bible books. There are others you can collect as a comparison to the original language of God’s word that will help sift things out. Just remember, the Bible versions today are being changed to match society’s fleshly opinions. So, be careful in your choices because your soul is on line.


The end game is to NOT give into the flaws and fallibleness of mankind. Do not let anything stand between you and the Almighty God. There are more right than there are wrong with the translators. You can develop a rule of thumb to sift past the added or subtracted things in the Bible versions comparing them with others who are close to the pure translation. Remember, it is NOT God’s writing, but the translations that have troubles.

Things have not changed today like the people in Jesus day when they paid the soldiers to lie that the disciples stole Jesus body and he did not rise from the grave. There are people who act like that when it comes to the raw truth of God’s Word. It is simple do you want a true God fix in your life or do you want a false traditional fix of man in your life?



I have found that when a scripture is different in the Bible version I am reading then it is time to compare it with others who are close to the pure translation. It is best to keep it simple than to fall into the traps of mankind and the devil. Asking questions is one of the best things to do when it comes to differences. Does the difference match completely with other scriptures in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation? If it fits without issues then that is the pure translation.

You have to come to the place when it fits scripturally and you are not doing it do you hold man’s ideas above the true revelation of God? Do you hold God’s word above all people? If you discover a way of God more perfectly will you die honoring mankind or live dedicated to God above all?


Keeping scriptures in its content is very important to maintaining the proper translation. People will tend to take single scriptures with other single scriptures forming their own translations and versions of God’s word. This is why there are so many religious establishments. They are formed by their like-mindedness of translating God’s word, therefore their Bible versions reflect their own interpretations, which is possibly a tainted form of “good intentions”, “on purpose”, or “ignorance”.

Finding a church that tries to be as close to pure translation of God’s word is hard to find. Almost everyone has tossed the book of Acts to the side as a dusty old history book and not the living word of God. The book Acts is the church wanted established by His chosen Apostles. Does your church follow the teachings the apostles established under the command of Jesus? This is a very hard question for some.

If any religion does not like you asking questions about their doctrines and translations of the Bible then you have someone who does not have the complete translated understanding of God’s word. If you are solid with God’s word as it is meant to be, you will have no fear of any questions. People get angry and furious when you simply ask questions about certain things in their church doctrine. It is possibly not their fault because that is all they have known. They may have accepted the churches or pastors traditions as absolute truth even though it is slightly off from God’s word and that is where they were saved along with their families.

All people must be willing to study out what someone says concerning the translation of the Bible because if they don’t they could miss out on the ways of God more perfectly. Acts 18, a eloquent man named Apollos was well-versed in the scriptures only knew John’s teachings of baptism. He spoke with enthusiasm and taught accurately the things John said about Jesus. Two people heard him speaking took him aside and explained the way of God more perfectly. He was willing to change. The next chapter, 19, those people were willing to change just like Apollos. Are you willing to change if you come into more truth concerning God’s word? Don’t let the translations of mankind detour you from as pure as a walk you can have with God.


Also, keep in mind mankind is buying the rights to some of these translations and changing them in our day and time to their fleshly beliefs. They are inserting and deleting things they don’t want regardless of what the actual original Bible text reads. You will see God’s wrath fall on them in due time if it has not already occurred and if it has not in this life it will be on the day of judgment.

For an example: In the King James version 1 John 5:7 reads, “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” The Complete Jewish Bible reads, “There are three witnesses“. The New Revised Standard reads, “There are three that testify“. The New American Standard Bible reads, “For there are three that testify:“.

The people back in King James’s day believed in three separate Gods, which God never said to His chosen people of Israel. He taught them there is only one God. God taught Israel over and over that He is God alone, there is no one beside Him, He alone created the heavens and the earth. It is even the first of the ten commandments. Three gods is not enough to count an All Present God everywhere at once at the same time. They translated the Bible inserting what they thought was not harmful adding “…the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost“, but attempted to confirm their personal beliefs of a trinity of gods. The number One covers all numbers inside itself no matter how many numbers when it comes to an All Present God.

The first thing you have to sink into your mind Apostle John is writing this to believers who are already saved (1 Jn. 5:13). If you read above this scripture and below it you will find they are talking about the Spirit, the water, and the blood agreeing as one. John is explaining the incarnation of the Word. God, the all present Spirit was inside the man Jesus who had the water and the blood to be Lamb of God for the sacrifice redeeming mankind for all eternity.

Jesus is the salvation of mankind through water baptism in Jesus name applying the blood washing away all sins and being filled with the Holy Spirit for the inherited redemption (Acts 2:38). Jesus was the One true God in flesh (Col. 2:9) that had water and blood. These three elements were in one body to witness to all of mankind you can be saved through water, blood, and Spirit through Jesus.


Bible versions are man’s translations. Mankind is flawed and needs the help of God to overcome those shortcomings. What we think is right as individuals does not mean it is 100% purely right in reality. I would be the first to tell you, I am not perfect, but I do love for my eyes to be opened to God’s pure translations.

Why do you think I got re-baptized in Jesus name and sought after God for the infilling of His Holy Spirit? One reason God never changes nor does His word, which means the book of Acts is still an active part of God. Man changes God’s word to his own translations. Acts 2:38 was the only way the apostles presented salvation to people. It was all related to the death, burial, and resurrection; and the water, blood, and Spirit of Jesus Christ. Mankind has translated God’s word away from many things that are essential to a soul who wants a second chance to start over.

Who do you trust? Start you a system with picking at least three very close translations of God’s word and compare them when studying. Read above and below the scripture that caught your attention for an idea of the content and subject.

Don’t sweat the different Bible versions because God loves those that seek after Him consistently for His truth. “For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth.” (2 Cor. 13:8).

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