The Man Made of Words

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The “Word” was the plan like a detailed blueprint in the Spirit of God. God does not need a paper blueprint laid out to turn from page to page refreshing His memory. His Spirit was holding the embodied thought of the complete plans for a design of Himself if He were to be in solid form.

We do not need to separate God in thinking He needs a counterpart to help Him with His designs of creations. The “Word” sounds separate when you continue to read “…and the Word was with God…“, but we cannot stop there or we will in our minds try to divide God. At this point our minds are putting the “Word” beside God because of the word “with“. If you can see it is like a thought or idea you have in your head that is with you separate from other plans you may have mixed up in there God had His Word plan for the next round of creations in His spiritual head.

The “Word” is God’s way of helping us see with what understanding we can have about His All Knowledge because we (mankind) individually or collectively do NOT have All knowledge between our ears. We have thoughts, ideas, and make plans from our minds. We put down our ideas on paper like a blueprint holding all the details to keep us on track, which creates our word is with us in planning. God is trying to simplify for us His All Knowledge is concentrated through the “Word” form applying to creation His Knowledge, Power, and Presence. His Word in His Spirit is the detailed blueprint that is always with Him and He never needs to look at it for refreshing His memory because they are Him.

God is connecting Himself from the last part of the sentence “…the Word was God” making them one of the same to the first part of the sentence “In the beginning was the Word…” that He had His detailed plans in His Spirit before creation and the middle part of the sentence links or bridges for us that His All Knowledge is always with Him.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” You can almost wrap your mind around it if you bring these words into your mind as though you were saying them. In the beginning I had the idea, and the idea was in/with my mind, and the idea is me in the expression/style I would do things.

On our level we need blueprints to build skyscrapers. On God’s level He never needs reminders of what He is building. The “Word” to God was already existing before He created the physical existence because His idea was of Himself if He were of solid form. If God were solid physically He chose His Word/All Knowledge to be a “He” and that He/Word/Plan/Idea was with God in the beginning (Jn. 1:2) to go through this second round of creations.


This is where we see Him creating His second round of creations. He saw how some of His first round of creations, angels, wanted the knowledge of evil thinking it would be enough to use against Him and overtake Him (Is. 14:11-15), but He/God was the ONLY ONE who could handle separating, containing, and controlling evil. His plan/Word for the angels were to be made of the eternal knowledge of good and light ONLY, but they did have absolute freedom of choice.

Since God had some angels choose the knowledge of evil corrupting their knowledge of good and light to darkness and evil, being cast out of heaven, converted into demons God decided the second round of creations would be different.

He created another place besides heaven (only made of light), but a place with light and darkness. He created a place that would reflect more of what is inside Himself. You see God chose goodness and light to be what He wanted to exist. All angels were originally created in goodness and light. Heaven was His desire with no darkness even though it existed in Him. He separated, contained, and controlled the knowledge of evil within Himself with no activity as though it was asleep.

God moved in the darkness in a place that without form and void. In this darkness He created the sun to shine light. He separated light from darkness and continued creating things separated in their own environment (Ge. 1:1).


Instead of creating angels on the earth God decided to create something in the likeness and the image of Himself. God had His plan of Himself as the “Word“. God already had experienced angels choosing darkness. He wanted something like Himself that could handle both good and evil. God created a man from His “Word” pattern. The “Word” was the perfect man because He was God and what God would be if He Himself were a physical man.

God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed His Spirit inside of him creating a living soul powered by God’s Spirit, which you do realize His Spirit has within itself All Knowledge, All Power, and All Presence everywhere. This man, Adam, had the ability to be like his Father, but he too had the freedom of choice. His living soul was free to choose.

God was prepared if Adam chooses like some of the angels did with the knowledge of evil. Anything of God Himself will be prepared for whatever. Mankind’s pattern is far different than the angels pattern. Mankind was created in a place that had light and darkness, whereas heaven only has light. Mankind was created with eyes to only see in the light of day and to sleep in the darkness of night. Our eyes were created only to see in the light.

Mankind was created after the image and likeness of God if He were to be of solid form. God wanted man to see in the light only and to sleep in peace when darkness came. Could this be a reflection of God’s attitude towards light and darkness? God wants all (angels, mankind) to see in the light of the knowledge of good and be asleep in peace against the darkness not seeing the evils (death, disease, torment, etc) it would bring forth if anyone would choose it. Worth reading again.

God’s “Word” pattern of Himself (Jesus) was made of life and light (Jn. 1:4). Adam was created in hopes he would choose to stay with God and God’s choice of the knowledge of good only. Adam and Eve chose the knowledge of evil like some of the angels did and were totally corrupted with darkness because they were NOT meant to be like God with the power to separate, contain, and control darkness.


Because His children fell to sin God had His personal Man/Word pattern in His mind as a life-giving Spirit, made in the image of heaven (1 Cor. 15:45-49) to go into operation for salvation. God inserted His seed into the birth of generations to be born to save all of the whosoever wills of mankind. His made of Word pattern was going to be born in mankind to redeem them. The predestination was in the Word/Man, Jesus, prepared before the foundation of the world in case mankind chose the knowledge of evil.

All of us are born into sin (Ro. 3:23). We are born into this world bearing the image of Adam made of the dust of the earth (1 Cor. 15:48). Every child born from Adam and Eve were born with the sinful image and nature of the knowledge of evil. We are all born under the inherited condition of Adam’s image. We are born with the knowledge of evil naturally at work in our bodies and spirit, but we not locked into a predestination of punishment because God put His predestined saving promise in the birth of Jesus to give us an option.

God took His perfect blueprint of His Spirit, His Word, of the image and likeness man was suppose to be like and came to earth in the fullness of His Godhead (Col. 2:9) to provide and show us the way to be born again freed from the God required law of death the knowledge of evil demanded.

You cannot checkmate God on this creation of Himself if He were of solid form. He had the option of coming Himself in this physical form that represented Himself. The Creator can come in His own image and likeness turning around the checkmate to the opponent. God did not want the knowledge of evil to dominate, but for a balance of living a life in the knowledge of good and learning to separate, contain, and control the knowledge of evil as He does.


If you want to trade your image of Adam (death) for the image of Jesus (life) you will need to be born again, which makes sense because you were naturally born into sin Adam passed down to all generations and being born again replaces that birth with the spiritual birth in Jesus.

Peter explained the born again steps that has never changed from the first church in the Bible to our present day and on into the future until the Lord comes to take us home. Peter said three simple things: Repent, water baptism in Jesus name, and receive the Holy Spirit. Repenting (Your promise) is simply not wanting to be like the knowledge of evil and sinning any more. Water baptism (water birth) in Jesus name is applying the blood of forgiveness washing away all your sins. Receiving the Holy Spirit (Spirit birth) is God filling you with His power (Acts 2:4) to regenerate your spirit and have Him as your teacher inside with your spirit fellowshipping together (Acts 2:38).

This second birth in Jesus is applying the image and likeness God originally meant for man to maintain, but Adam and Eve did not have what it took to maintain themselves in the knowledge of good only. Jesus gives us through the born of the water and of the spirit birth the heavenly image and the life-giving Spirit. It converts us from the people being born of the dust of the earth, Adam, to the people born from heaven, Jesus, the man made of God’s Word. The flesh and blood of our bodies, Adam’s image, cannot go to heaven because it is made of death and decay. (1 Cor. 15:45-50). Our spirit will be given a new body like Jesus to handle the light of heaven.


The understanding of the totality of Jesus being a man of flesh and being the focused Godhead of God’s All Present , All Knowing, and All Powerful Spirit is the key that unlocks the mysteries to us of God. Our flesh, Adam’s image of the knowledge of evil, cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God to the point of counting it all foolishness. We have to get inside the Spirit of God to see God as He truly is (1 Cor. 2:14, 10) and He will help us if we only ask, seek, and knock.

Jesus the man is made of God’s Word, which is God’s Spirit inside a fleshly body made up of the knowledge of good (God’s image) and NO corruption of the knowledge of evil (Adam’s image). The first thing to see is the power difference of Adam and Jesus (mankind and God). There is no power equal to the debt sin owed to the knowledge of evil for the payment of death in Adam or mankind, but this also includes all creations.

There is ALL Power inside of Jesus to pay with the innocences of the Knowledge of good the debt of sin through death making all free through Jesus the man and God All in One. This is why you find scriptures that Jesus and the Father (Spirit side of God) are one (Jn. 10:30). God brought His Power to face the power of the knowledge of evil head on through the man Jesus representing the man pattern of the His original image and likeness.

Jesus the man was made of flesh created by God’s knowledge of good only, inside Mary, with God (Father, Word, Holy Spirit are all the same) inside of Jesus with His focused fullness. God’s focused fullness of His Godhead does NOT mean His presence was subtracted from anywhere else. It simply means God flowed through and inside Jesus the man a concentration of His unlimited Spirit.

Jesus the man had the Power, Knowledge, and Presence of God Himself as one with his water and blood inside his body. God was in Jesus for the purpose of reconciling the world unto Himself and with the blood and water of the man Jesus shed on the cross for our sins, which gave us the option for all who accepts Jesus to have their sins removed and replaced with God’s Word of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:19).


The knowledge of evil has the power of God requiring the conversion to darkness, death, and suffering. God has two sides within Him. He chose for all creations to know ONLY His knowledge of good. He separated, contained, and controlled by His choice the knowledge of evil. Heaven and all other creations including earth was never created in the knowledge of evil. They were all created in light, goodness, and love. Other creations made the choice, not God, to try their hand at the knowledge of evil and they could not handle that side of God He had put to sleep.

The knowledge of evil had to be met with equal force to put it back in its separated, contained, and controlled state, which is by Jesus Christ, God manifested in the flesh (Col. 1:19). God came in His goodness to save His children from the eternal debt owed to the knowledge of evil.

God made His Spirit Words of Himself shaping the form of a man. God came in His original blueprint of Himself embodying His divine Spirit inside of Jesus to save us. He made His Word that was within Him in the beginning to become flesh, dwelt among us, showing us His glory like the true begotten child of God full of grace and truth (Jn 1:14) that Adam failed to deliver.

To bring us back from the side of the knowledge of evil it took Jesus, God in the flesh, bridging the gap to the side of the knowledge of good saving us and helping us manage the separation, containment, and controlling of the evil we encounter here on earth whether by knowledge or physical interaction. By His Spirit we can become like Him with the power to choose good over evil.


Water, blood, and the Holy Spirit is God’s reconciling plan of salvation for us found only in Jesus (Acts 4:12). To become with one with God is to join Him inside Jesus through his water, blood, and Spirit. You will find the only doorway into God is through the water, blood and Spirit of Jesus because he is the only one who has all three inside him. The only image and likeness of God is in Jesus, God’s true Word plan and form. Water baptism in Jesus name applies the blood washing away all things and receiving his Spirit makes you one with God once again.

Now, you can live life daily learning the right way by God’s guiding Spirit into all truth (Jn. 16:13) in the knowledge of good while also gaining the power to put the knowledge of evil in a separate, contained, and controlled place within yourself becoming more like God’s child. God did all of this through His original Word plan in the flesh, the blood, and the Spirit in Jesus that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death over you and I (Heb. 2:14).

God gave you Himself “The Man Made of Words” in the flesh of Jesus for the saving of your soul. His love goes far beyond what we could ask or think (Eph. 3:20). It is a beautiful journey to steadfastly ask, seek, and knock upon His door of understanding and wisdom. You can do all things through Christ which gives you strength (Eph. 3:13).

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