Hear What I Say

People say and do a lot of different things in life. As for most of us we just hear them in one ear and out the other. The time comes when that someone leaves us and dies from their body going to the great beyond. Then the care and want to remember the things they said is important to replay over and over in our minds because we miss them. “Hear What I Say” is about facing the death of a loved one and what they may say to us if they had the chance. “Hear What I Say” will be a mixture from the point of view of someone in the day of the disciples walking with Jesus and a present day walk in life.

When I leave this world I understand the sadness, but your life is unfinished and you have much to do. I would encourage you to convert your sorrow to live today in a blessed way preparing yourself to look for me in your tomorrow. I want you to meet me after this life in the faith you can search for me in the city of heaven. Don’t let there be a gulf fixed between us that no one can cross over and you cannot search for me.

Take your sadness and missing me feelings and convert them with a determined spirit to live as close to God as you possibly can and pleasing Him. This is the life I fought for and desired everyday I lived. My time on earth is over, but yours is not. Live this life to the fullest taking in all the beauty you can discover in God. Life is too short to go through bitter and upset all the time.

When I go looking for you and don’t find you don’t make me walk to the edge where Abraham walked searching for you only to hear your voice cry out my name in agony saying, “please just a tiny drop of water to cool my on fire tongue” from heaven’s water. I don’t want to stand there looking across this impassable great gulf between us. The gulf is so huge and locked into place you can’t come over and I cannot come to you (Luke 16:19-31).

I want us both to be on the same side of heaven. I have lived my life and you are still living your life and I hope there is a determination to meet again. Convert that sorrow into an attitude of “I am going to live a life that would honorable”, but most of all make God happy. Focusing a goal to reach helps with facing your tomorrows without me and relying upon God gives you strength that will bring comfort no other can bring.

Don’t live a life on earth waiting for words from those who have died to speak to you. Listen to the living Spirit of God and read His word for that connection of life guiding you towards seeing me again and many others who love you. We are all here. Take your time each day to seal your destiny in seeing us all again. Let your today person prepare things for your tomorrow person for your eternal home with us. What you do today is an exchange of a day of your life for it whether it is a plus or a minus to your soul.

Don’t visit me at the grave thinking I will come up out of the ground or speak. Your memories of me will speak to your mind who I was and what I wanted to be. Your memories are me with you living in your mind on what I would say or do. This is why I am writing to you now, “Hear What I Say” and to live life to honor me and create a good relationship through Jesus Christ. Visit me to tell the last home I had on earth, which was my fleshly body, that you are going to make it. You’re doing alright and you WILL see me again. Besides look around this graveyard and you will see it does not have the living answer you seek. The answers are already floating around in your mind and in God’s word.

No matter what status you have in this life and in the world don’t let it put you to sleep spiritually. Allow my death remind you of my life, God’s Holy Spirit, and Word to wake you, shake, and not allow you to sleep the sleep of death (Psalms 13:3; Luke 16:25). When my loved ones passed away I turned on a determination to live a life in honor of them drawing from their wisdom and a continuance of becoming like Jesus as best as I could. You will find strength always including God in shaping your life during and after a tragedy happens.

It takes time and time has to be allowed to flow at the pace your mind and heart can remain breathing with slow and rational thoughts. It is a time to listen and “Hear What I Say“. This hearing I speak of is not with the physical ears, but with the mind understanding and perceiving the truth of what needs to be done. Open the door every time God wants to speak to you. Don’t leave Him at the door knocking while this world is trying to distract you from Him. I want to see you again and He is our connection. Let Him in your daily life as I tried to fellowship with Him and He with you (Revelation 3:20).

You cannot do this alone and you are not alone. You have a living God who loves you and the memories of my living inside your thoughts. When God gives you a seed of spiritual truth go get it from the wayside, from among the stones, or the briars and plant it in your good soil protecting it and cultivating it into a strong solid foundation of nutrients for your soul (Mt. 13:3-23). Fight for the spiritual life that will never decay like the fleshly body we live in.

You and I can strive to live this life as the rich man busy about earthly things while missing the important things of each other and the beautiful creation God placed around us. This life tends to show the bad things, but if you will look you can see the treasures hidden behind it all. It could be like a single rose among a trash heap. Don’t see the trash heap only see also the rose and be thankful. The gold of this life is not in the ground we dug up for earthly riches, but the discovery of the treasure God has given us. The riches of this world will be owned by others when we die, but no one can own the riches of what you have inside your mind and heart. It is your treasure to enjoy at your will.

I am gone, but I tried to live this life without being naked with sinful shame before God and others. I fought not to have eyes that see physically only knowing they are blind to spiritual truth that my natural man refuses to accept. I desired God’s gold of wisdom, understanding, and perception proven against the fires of this world triumphantly as the divine truth and for my mortality to be clothed with the white raiment of God’s immortality (Revelation 3:18, 1 Corithians 15:4). Dress yourself each day with God and treat each day as though you are saying, “Goodbye” living your moments as best as possible without regrets.

Hear What I Say” to you, “meet me in heaven”. Make a pact with me to live a life in this world to end up on the same side of heaven so that we may be able to search for each other freely with no gulf between us. This is your call to “Meet Me” so the family of God will be united as it was meant to be from the beginning. So many have gone before us that we have known and others we have heard about. Would it not be cool for us to meet face to face some of the people we have heard about? Obviously, Jesus would be the first we would want to see, but afterwards to roam around meeting all others that lived the life in the world as we did in different times.

I want you to know the reason for “Hear What I Say” though my body is asleep to you, and no longer walking with you, my spirit is still alive and you have me inside your memories. Don’t let your suffering9s) overtake you with a no hope feeling as it does others who do not know the love of Jesus Christ that covers us and connect us. Remember, I died with Jesus while I was alive when I was baptized in Jesus name that contains the blood of forgiveness and rose again from the water forgiven of all my sins and filled with His Spirit. I will return with Him being in the group of people who have fallen asleep in Jesus. Let God comfort you in the deep places in your heart and mind that no else can go or reach with their words or deeds. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

Hear What I Say” is my heart’s desire for you to know the only true God and Jesus Christ the man He dwelt in to bring us eternal life (Jn. 17:3). This was my goal in this world no matter how much the truth was against mankind’s personal interpretation. He is our unbreakable connection and no one can separate us from the love of God (Ro. 8:35). If you haven’t been sealed as one of God’s born again children this is why I want you to “Hear What I Say“. If you get sealed in Jesus name in water baptism and receive the power of the infilling of His Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), which is the earnest of His Spirit in our hearts (2 Cor. 1:22) then we will be on the same side after the life of this world.

Get your seal from God to meet all of us after this life on earth and with His seal upon you the death of your body and the “what you don’t know physically” after your spirit is forced out of your body will be under His protection. There is no power under heaven and earth that can break the seal of Jesus. You are absolutely the only one that can break the seal because God has on His side locked permanently.

Hear What I Say” and get the seal that covers the death, the burial, and the resurrection from this life to the eternal life of heaven where our spirit will go because without it there is no open choice after this life to change like we have now. We are living in a temporary body and once we live it we are eternally set in our spiritual status that cannot be changed like the angels. The born again/second chance seal comes from us going through Jesus back to God fulfilling the “…no one comes to the Father, but by me“, the words of Jesus (Jn. 14:6). Jesus carries the package deal payment of the death, burial, and resurrection for mankind within himself alone.

I am gone on before you and this is what I found in God’s word only few people speak about and it is crucial to know from God’s word and not man’s interpretation. This is not my interpretation, but the facts about what the church in Bible told people on how to be saved and sealed in God. Generally, people jump over to Matthew, Romans, confessions, sprinklings, and many other pieced together ideas of salvation. This is my plea to you to “Hear What I Say” and read for yourself what the Bible church preached in the book of Acts that very few follow considering this is God’s word that doesn’t change.

To get God’s seal of the inheritance of heaven is to repent of your sins, water baptism in Jesus name applying his blood that is in that name only, and allow God to fill you with the power of His Holy Spirit with the sign to yourself and if anyone should be around you speaking in unison in a language you have trusted God to speak through you (Acts 2:38). This is God’s confirmation that you have received the living power of His Spirit inside of you. This is the ONLY plan of salvation the apostles of Jesus Christ presented to everyone.

Mankind has skipped over to Romans, Matthew, and other books creating their own forms of salvation, but none of them are more accurate than repentance, Jesus name baptism, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit creating the package deal of the death, burial, and resurrection. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the biographies of Jesus only and they are awesome. I love them. The books after the gospels, excluding the book of Acts, are letters to already born again Christians and they are awesome. I love them, too. The book of Acts is about salvation, which is where you find the true seal of God and the acts of the apostles that walked with Jesus personally.

I trust the Bible and God. I carefully weigh the words of people and the scriptures they use in good common sense relying upon God’s Spirit to make sure they are in unison with all scriptures. I trusted God and after reading about repentance, Jesus name baptism, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. I started directly praying to God believing Him only and not man seeking to be sealed with His name and the Holy Spirit of promise, which is an earnest/guarantee of our inheritance/installment until the final day of redemption (Eph. 1:12-14).

Living this life I have found no better friend than Jesus and God’s word. Everyone is on the outside of my thoughts, my heart, and my spirit. We can have bodies around us, but they are still on the outside. They can say and do things for us, but in the end our casket will only have our body in it alone. While alive in this life the best roommate my spirit could have inside this body was the Holy Spirit of God helping and guiding me. This is what I want for you. Live with Him daily because He is not only on the outside handling things, but you have allowed Him on the inside to help and guide you for eternal things on the inside and it is time to trust Him. “Hear What I Say” and make the “Meet Me” in heaven pack through Jesus Christ. I promise you will never be alone and never be the same.

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