With Him

We all want someone to love us for ourselves accepting and believing in us. Living this life we have many people outside our bodies that have no clue what is going on inside our minds and behind our eyes. Our face may show one thing, but our spirit is completely different. No human living human being can be inside with our spirit seeing us as we truly are.

No matter how much our body feels companionship our spirit has no one inside with it when we are born into this world. Our thoughts are alone. Our feelings are somewhat comprehended, completely misunderstood or made fun of like they mean nothing. Unfortunately, as we grow up there are things that try to partnership with our spirit using our bodies for it’s selfish purpose, but never truly satisfying the lonely hole we feel in our spirit.

We are born as babies with a hungry body and a hungry spirit. The deception is when our body is somewhat satisfied the hunger of our spirit either falls asleep content with the body’s satisfaction, becomes forgotten or overlooked. Food, drink, and pleasures override and mask our lonely spirit. No matter how much of the physical things of this world we partake in our spirit is still lonely. Our spirit is continually a spectator on this one sided ride.

It makes perfect sense for the things of this world satisfying the hunger of our body made of this world. The hunger of the body is earth feeding earth, but our spirit is eternal and it needs eternal feeding eternal. As I said earlier there are things in the eternal realm that tries to partnership with our spirit on eternal lies that do not completely satisfy our spirit, but a false sense of hope through the body and the things of this world. Eternal evil feeds a never ending hunger for more eternal evil through our temporary body, whereas eternal good fulfills and satisfies the hunger of our spirit prepares us to leave this temporary body.

This is where “With Him” comes into play. Before Him, I could not get enough of the things of this world to make my spirit happy. My body was happy most of the time, but something was still missing. The alcohol could not reach it. The cigarettes could not reach it. The other misbehaviors could not reach it. Emptiness was still there and growing to a point of madness of “how do I get satisfied“. It became a driving thirst from the beginning never forgetting that first.

Growing up, I was made to go to church and my body was there doing its time, but my spirit was elsewhere. I am thankful now my body was there and my spirit heard there was a God, but I was still under the deception of feeding my body was feeding my spirit. You can try to make your body as happy as possible, but that happiness does not have the eternal substance to feed or satisfy your spirit. Your body sitting in church while your spirit is elsewhere will not feed your spirit completely.

One morning my body was sitting in church and my spirit was so burned out on trying to satisfy my life a still small voice whispered in my mind “you have tried everything else why not try Me?” My spirit starting thinking and I had to agree. I have tried so many other things that I believed we good things, but left me wanting more in a bad way. I replied back, “okay, I will give you a try.

I went down to the front to the altar and the pastor knelt down with me having his arm over my shoulder and he started praying. He stops praying, looks at me, and said, “Did you pray this prayer with me?” I looked at him and said, “I did” and I lied right there in the altar because I did not know I was suppose to repeat what he said to receive salvation from God. This was the best thing could ever have happened to me.

As the pastor started speaking to the congregation about this lost soul coming forth to be saved I stayed knelt down at the altar and poured the rawness of my heart out to God asking Him to help me with the hunger of my spirit. They were my raw words of repentance without any pretty sentence structure or form. My spirit to His Spirit unrehearsed or planned out.

Why I said, “This was the best thing could ever have happened to me” was because many churches today have put together a man made structured sentence that the body can repeat someone else’s words while our spirit just listens to the body’s vocal chords repeating said words, which our spirit could be disconnected and letting the body go through the motions. When I out of desperation poured my heart out to God because of my sinful condition and I lied in the altar my spirit was totally involved bypassing the body reaching out for the eternal to help my eternal.

My relationship “With Him” started out from my raw spirit directly speaking to His pure Holy Spirit. Having the body to repeat words of salvation has no more power than the body drinking water when you are thirsty because you have only reached the level of satisfaction for the body and not the spirit. Your spirit just listened to the body speaking just like it would watch as the body was drinking. I hope you are seeing the separate dual nature within yourself – body and spirit.

My personal raw relationship “With Him” was a blunt, up-front asking and receiving from His Bible and Spirit. When I learned I was not doing something in His Bible He liked I asked why, he explained, and I started practicing it. “With Him” became a life of wisdom and good understandings that I did not gain from trying to feed my spirit through the actions of my body. The lessons through the body experimenting can be some very hard lessons affecting yourself and others for life.

I was now on a path of feeding my body the things it needed from earth to earth and feeding my spirit from eternal to eternal “With Him“. He said, he would lead me and guide into all truth (Jn 16:13) and it was truth that made my spirit complete. I was drinking and eating the things the body needed while I had learned what food and drink my spirit needed. No longer was my spirit watching the body get its happiness, but now my spirit was finding its eternal happiness daily “With Him“.

Actually, things have reversed. The body wants to party with different things, but the wisdom of the spirit sees the temporary fix will not match the eternal fix. The body hates the spirit because it will not allow it to dominate with selfish going nowhere pleasures that do not benefit the place of eternity the spirit will go one day. Another words the body hates that the spirit has become smarter and wiser to it’s ways.

I had lived somewhat a hard life of lying people and now I have clung to His Bible and His Spirit as the only one I would trust completely. It is funny walking “With Him” He told me that I had to learn to love people again and I did slowly. As time passed I would meet people would challenge me with questions about God and His Bible of which I became a student of the Bible and God as my teacher believing only Him when He connected to all scriptures satisfying it was not twisted or taken out of context by man, which happens a lot and it all started with the devil in the beginning of time.

With Him” as my personal best friend, teacher, and the go-to for eternal food for my spirit life was now full of satisfaction. No longer did the body dominate or deceive my spirit into thinking it was taking care of all my needs. I was having fun spending time “With Him” finding out what He hates, what He loves, and how He thought about things just like you would spend time with person in your body. As I discovered things about Him He started showing me things I did not see about myself, which was awesome if you want to improve yourself in a balance of life way.

One day a person at work asked me, did I know that no one was ever baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost? (Mtt. 28:19) I told him I had not heard that and he proceeded to say there is no record in the Bible using Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in water baptism. Well, the church that I had lied at the altar, repenting, and praying a raw prayer to God was where I was baptized in water with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost being pronounced over me as I went under water for the purpose of a public confession of Christ.

You know what I did after hearing this? I went home and the next few days of researching “With Him“, talking to Him, and desiring to walk in complete truth “With Him“. I found more scriptures of Jesus name baptism and none for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I used every tool of researching the Bible. Walking “With Him” was my everything in feeding His eternal with my eternal. I accepted to be rebaptized in Jesus name based completely (key word) on the scriptures and God. Not throwing off on the man that told me, but just like at the altar I wanted it to be personal and directly between God and me. You always want your foundation to be between you and God because all of us are prone to fall short and possibly fail.

I will skip forward a little bit to later on when God explained more deeply about water baptism in Jesus name. This is why “With Him” life is so complete and beautiful. He told me the power of the blood was in the name of Jesus. The blood is not in Father or Holy Ghost and “…a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have“, Jesus said (Luke 24:39). Jesus had the body and the blood to save us from our sins through the shedding of blood and going through the process of death in his body. Isn’t that a cool understanding? In the name of Jesus comes all things to forgive, save, redeem, and sweet fellowship.

Obeying water baptism in Jesus name, having that name pronounced over me as I went under the water, I cannot explain the freedom and cleanliness I spiritually felt. It was like chains and bondage fell off of me. This made walking “With Him” even stronger in my spirit to be fed only scriptural truth. When I was baptized in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for the reason of a public confession my spirit was just watching my body go through the motion and get wet. When I was baptized in Jesus name my body got wet, but my spirit felt a power of forgiveness that I cannot put into words glorious enough to explain it for the Bible purpose of washing away my sins.

This same person asked me about receiving the Holy Ghost like the apostles did in Acts chapter two. I told him I was not worthy enough like the apostles and I thought it was for them only. He told me it was a promise to all of us today to receive like they did. Of course, you know I listened to his words, but I went home for the next several days researching “With Him“, talking to Him, and desiring to walk in complete truth “With Him” and not the words of man. You may not know, but the apostles received the Holy Ghost and as a prophecy God given sign to themselves that they had received the Holy Ghost they spoke in a language/tongue they had not learned in the body praising and glorifying God. People of other nations heard them speaking praises of God in their homeland language/tongue.

Looking backwards at the time when I was in the altar praying the raw prayer while the pastor was telling the people how I was saved and had received automatically the Holy Spirit. I have to admit one hundred percent honestly, I did not have any change in my spirit other than the nervousness in my body standing before a church crowd of people. At that time my spirit poured words out of my body’s mouth of repentance, but feeling nothing in my spirit other than a feeling relief, but this was the start of my journey with walking “With Him“.

Back to what the man had said about the gift of the Holy Ghost. I searched the Bible from beginning to end “With Him” and found no where God stopped pouring out His Spirit in the way He did upon the apostles. I actually found it was a promise to all generations and an earnest inheritance from God to whomsoever wanted this experience. “With Him” I was always open to whatever He wanted in my life. My prayers changed towards God saying, “if You want me to have it then I want it“. The real truth is God wanted me to have His Spirit inside with my spirit more than I wanted it. He is the best roommate a body could ever have dwelling inside this temporary apartment of flesh.

Many months had passed and then one night I was praying in the altar at a church that believed in Jesus name baptism and the infilling of the power of the Holy Ghost. I was telling God the same thing “if You want me to have it then I want it“. I absolutely refused man to be a part of my walk “With Him“. If I was going to receive the power of the Holy Ghost is not going to be by a man made cheer leading and pumped up pep talk. This was a personal prayer between me and God only and if He wanted it then I wanted it.

As I was praying my spirit started feeling another powerful and Holy Spirit presence. I knew it was not the devil or an evil spirit because I was talking to Jesus that causes devils to flee. My spirit felt engulfed with this Holy presence. A powerful flowing feeling was inside my spirit and I could tell it was not anything my body could create or mimic. It was not earthly to earthly body feeling, but an eternal flowing Spirit to my spirit like substance giving drink to my eternal spirit inside.

By this time my body was physically feeling the power of this Holy Spirit on the outside flowing upward on the inside through my spirit reaching my vocal cords as an anointing language came out right when I was saying in English “I love you, Jesus” and it turned into a language my body’s ears had never heard before while my spirit knew without question it was praising and glorifying God. There was absolutely no presence of any evil anywhere near me or even in me. It was just like the apostles and the people in the Bible. Simply, a glory from eternal to eternal born again of the Spirit experience. I was more “With Him” in a oneness way that no other religion teaches.

Wow, the “With Him” took on a whole new level of fellowship. Baptized in His name and filled with His Holy Spirit turned on the Spirit to spirit feeding of my soul with complete satisfaction. Understandings were leaping out at me from His word when I read it, listen to it, or He simply drops a thought into my mind that takes me on a path of wisdom I would not normally have had through the body. Baptized into Jesus body and receiving his Spirit is a true oneness of salvation God intended.

Everything looks different now. I am seeing slowly as I can wrap my spirit around it how “With Him” being everywhere at once, having all knowledge, and all power sustains everything and without Him nothing would stand. “With Him” I watch and listen to His birds sing. “With Him” my eyes behold the beauty of the earth He gave us. “With Him” the breathe my body breathes is His grace and mercy. “With Him” swimming in water is the substance He gave us to enjoy and live by.

I see you as His daughter or as His son He wanted to be here hoping you would find Him and walk “With Him“. Hoping you would be like me and many others discovering that no matter what you feed the body it will never feed your spirit. Earth cannot feed spirit and spirit cannot feed earth. You and I are His children and He loves us more than we fathom.

Now, I hunger more than ever before to see Him and walk “With Him“. We are living in a time when people seem to be always learning, but never able to come to the truth sitting right in front of them. These people are sneaking their ideas into your body corrupting your spirit’s understanding and leading you away with lies, sins, and lusts that only feed the body and not your spirit. People are pretending to be good, righteous, and an outward appearance of godliness claiming to be of power, but plainly denying the real power and that is God. Man’s flesh is on a rampage to destroy true spiritual wisdom.

They love their own body pleasures more than the hunger of their spirit for God. They look down on us thinking themselves to better when it is a lie of the body. They are doing whatever it takes to feed their bodies to the point betraying others, despising anyone who is good, violent for any other opinions, out of control, lying accusations, going back on promises, cold heartedness, nothing is sacred, ungrateful, rising against parents, revilers of truth, prideful, arrogant, wanting other people’s things, and narcissists loving only themselves of which the Bible warns us of these things coming in the last days (2 Tim. 3:1-7). They are here right now pushing you as hard as they can from seeing you can only feed eternal with eternal.

A walk “With Him” is crucial right now. You body will lie to the spirit of your mind with earthly things that will not save you when you face the death of your temporary body. Eat, drink, and fight all you want in the body, but earth will never satisfy eternal. Your eternal spirit can only be satisfied with the goodness of the eternal things of God. Go “With Him“, Jesus, into the day by day feeding of your soul with eternal to eternal while you have breathe in your body. The day your body and spirit separate by a fleshly death going into the eternal existence will be a judgment of what you did in words and deeds here on earth. One is a pathway of truth “With Him” and the other is a pathway you can read about in Second Timothy chapter three starting at verse one through seven taking you to an eternal place of torment meant for the devil and his angels, but not you.


Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.


2Timothy 3:3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankfu, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

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