Two Gardens


On a canvas I see two gardens drawn side by side. The garden on one side has several full and healthy looking trees with one tree standing out from the rest in a different unique way. This garden has a visitor passing through the trees with the sound of walking. The visitor brings, a faithfulness of fellowship, a breeze of peace, a flowing gentleness, a light of joy, a kind patience, and a warmth of love. You can feel the liberty and the freedom in this garden. The garden on the other side next to this one on the canvas is far different. This garden has darkness about it. You can barely see from one tree to the next. The visitor that comes to this garden brings an air of deception, twisting words of lies, a stabbing feeling of hatred, a destruction of jealousy, stained with impurity, a plan of selfishness, a rage of revenge, a discord of envy, and a blind drunkenness of self empowerment.


The one garden on the one side of the canvas is what one would imagine seeing God visiting man (First Adam) in the beginning of time at the garden of Eden before the fall. The other garden is what one would imagine seeing the devil visiting the man (Jesus, second Adam) the night they came to take him to his death.


The one garden held a trial for the breaking of the only one law to be followed. The visitor of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness now stood before them as the jury, the judge, and the executioner. The judge with hurt, pain, and sorrow had to pass the unchangeable sentence of death. This judge put into motion the death penalty, but by the power in him he inserted inside of man a day of redeeming life to return to his garden and his fellowship.

The garden on the opposite side of the page had a corrupt jury, a bias judge that would not listen to truth, had false witnesses to deceive others, officers of the court to inflict unnecessary pain, and executioners with no remorse. The judge of this other garden passed the sentence of being whipped with leather straps of nails and glass under the cloak showing mercy. This judge allowed the physical abuse of slapping, pulling the hairs from his face, driving a thick crown of thorns on his head, and a mocking cloak soaked with his dried blood. This judge took a tree from his garden, cut it down, removed all branches, carving a tall vertical wooden beam and a shorter horizontal wooden beam. This judge took the beaten, bleeding body and drove one nail through both feet into the tall vertical tree beam. This judge took the short tree beam driving one nail through one hand on one side and another one nail through the other hand on the other side. This judge raised the cross tree beams into a hole to stand up the innocent man between heaven and earth for all to watch him slowly die. This judge of this garden put into motion the death penalty and by the power in him inserted in the side of the man a spear piercing his heart for confirmation that he was dead and he had taken the life of the man to hell and the grave.


Deep down in the bowels of the dark garden of evil, a tiny light appears faintly in the distance. The tiny light seems to be changing in size and brightness leaving a path behind it as it walks. The evil judge, jury, and executioner seem to have lost all signs of power to their own garden of darkness. The light comes closer glowing with life in the form of a man. The innocent man who was put to death three days ago was the light growing brighter the closer it came making a path of light showing the way to leave the garden of death.

The innocent man was the Visitor from the other garden inside of him with all his love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and now with the payment of blood for our debt to the penalty of death. The man was put to death in the body, but the Visitor inside him made him alive in the Spirit. Both births of the natural and the spirit took place inside the death garden. After being made alive the innocent man went around in the garden that became a prison of darkness and told the imprisoned spirits if they would follow him he would lead them back to the garden of life (1 Peter 3:18, 19; Eph. 4:8).


The first garden man had with God visiting us with all His light of life and atmosphere of eternal love. The second garden the devil tricked man into believing it was better than the other only to find ourselves imprisoned in darkness, hell, and the grave. The Visitor of the first garden inserted Himself into our blood line waiting for the day inside the second garden of darkness to be born. He, Jesus, was born into our world of darkness with no sin in his life. The rulers in this garden of darkness schemed to kill him removing him from changing their world of lies. His death paid for our sins and his life made a path of escape for us to follow back into the first garden of light and fellowship  with God restoring us to our rightful home.

What spiritual garden do you find yourself standing in? Have you found the lighted path from the garden of darkness we all were born into? Have you asked Him who knows the way out to be your guide? Do you want to leave this garden of lies back into the garden of truth? Jesus is the spirit Visitor of the first garden. He was born, he died, and He came back to life to create a path if we want to escape this death, hell, and the grave garden of the devil. To follow this path out of darkness is to be sorry of our sinful dark ways that we have adopted in this garden, walk down into the water of a burial type baptism in Jesus name fully immersed for the purpose of washing away our sins (his blood of forgiveness is in his name), and continue on this path receiving His Spirit inside of us to guide us the rest of the way into the garden of eternal life.

Start your journey out of the garden of darkness and you will wake up one day inside the garden of Light. We are only eternally saved when we leave this world being led by His Spirit walking through the valley of the shadows of death of this world’s garden into His marvelous Light of eternal life garden.

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