Based On Words

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “Based On Words“? ‘It is something someone has said’ or another possible first thought is ‘It is a he said she said’ proof of evidence angle. Also, one could possibly think of a person’s foundation of their belief is “Based On Words“. When you separate¬†“Based On Words” you possibly see ‘Base‘ as a foundation or proof, ‘On‘ in this phrase could be seen as physically in contact with another referring to the top of something else, and ‘Words‘ as a form of communications.¬†“Based On Words” put together … Continue reading Based On Words

God’s Side

I have discovered over time that God loves to share with us if we will take the time and slow down to look and listen for Him. He loves to open our perception and understanding so the healing process can begin converting the bad into the good. The Spirit of God started a fellowship with mankind in the garden of Eden at the beginning of creation. A true relationship has a sharing of themselves in an agreement of oneness. You have your unique ways and the other has their unique ways that come together in the middle with an acceptance … Continue reading God’s Side