Based On Words

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “Based On Words“? ‘It is something someone has said’ or another possible first thought is ‘It is a he said she said’ proof of evidence angle. Also, one could possibly think of a person’s foundation of their belief is “Based On Words“. When you separate “Based On Words” you possibly see ‘Base‘ as a foundation or proof, ‘On‘ in this phrase could be seen as physically in contact with another referring to the top of something else, and ‘Words‘ as a form of communications. “Based On Words” put together could represent the proof is physically supported with words. Words are far more deep and powerful than most give credit.

The first thing that comes to mind is a situation where someone has believed someone else solely “Based On Words” without confirming the other side of the story making a final accusing judgment. I already feel the ‘Ouch!’ coming. This is where someone would open up the umbrella of misunderstanding after the fact of hearing the rest of the story with an apologetic tone or actually speak the words of ‘sorry’. Too late, the recording in our mind, heart, and soul has already locked it away along with the possible apology. Some people don’t wait for all the facts. They are just looking for an excuse to vent their anger, dislike, or frustration no matter the truth. This is sad for all of us, but even worse when no grows past it happening again. On the other side of someone believing someone else solely “Based On Words” when it is the truth can be painful at the moment, but after could be liberating. I personally hate deception and no matter the pain I have suffered once hearing the truth I was glad to be out from under the darkness. What is even worse is when you are in the darkness and everyone around you sees where you are and says nothing about it. This is another ‘Ouch!’ to our hearts, but gaining conscientiousness and wisdom converts the sour lemons into a lemonade we sip and drink calmly in the future.

Have you ever wondered about where do words come from or originate? This is a great question to think about because our daily lives are “Based On Words” more than we realize. Words were the connecting bridge of conscientiousness from baby sounds to clear expressions of desires. Yes, we physically interact with other physical objects and people all the time day and night, but all of this physical activity is driven by a non-physical being. Oh, no I have an alien living inside of me. Sorry, I had a moment to share a laugh with you. No, your spirit inside of you is not an alien from outer space, but it is the real you driving your physical body from within. This is really cool thing to grasp about the real you inside your body. Seeing yourself with understanding gives guidance through whatever good or bad times you may face in this life. We are already looking inside ourselves.  Where do words come from?

Your first thought may be the mind is where they come from. You are partly correct about the mind having its place with words, but not the origin. I think you will agree with this statement “Some people speak without thinking.” I automatically go to memories of the things in the past I had said without analyzing them for misunderstandings or deceptive implications. At this point the memories have returned the ‘Ouch!’ with a partner of ‘Sadness’ with others following. I next in line I see is ‘Regret’. I have the memory of the price I paid for those words after they left my lips. How does speaking without thinking occur? A clue of disconnection plays a part in this dilemma. We are getting closer to the origin of where “Based On Words” come from.

Something I must point out before heading to deep into the origin of our words is we all are storage units of flesh. Computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and so on have places inside them that store data in order to function and interact. Some people call them hard drives, media drives, flash drives, thumb drives, Blu Rays, DVDs, CD’s, diskettes, tape drives, floppy drives…etc that store information on them. Storage is important to technology and without it there would be almost no technology. What you store inside yourself has far more importance and will be read in the end by a higher level of reading than technology would ever possess. You and I are storage units with as much as diversity as and possibly more than technology. Wow, you almost lost me and what does this have to do with where “Based On Words” originate from.

I personally believe we are created in the image and likeness of the one true God and beside Him there is no other. We (mankind) are extremely to complicated in all areas of our being physically and spiritually to be an accident that just happened to come together. I believe this all intelligent God created your inmost being inside your mother’s womb in a fearful and wonderful creation (Ps. 139:13, 14). This is why I think you are beautifully and wonderfully made because of the God that is behind you in your creation. You have something to give to God and others no one else can give. God made you unique and not a Doppelganger or clone (similarities are not identical). From an endless God we all can reflect a tiny portion of Him without being two of the same kind. If we are created in God’s image and likeness then we have stored many things inside of us just like He has all things stored inside of Him. We are getting warmer on the origin of “Based On Words” location inside of us.

The mind stores the intellectual properties of that help to form things we take time to analyze, but remember some speak without thinking. We have a storage that goes past the mind giving purpose to the “Based On Words” that come out of our mouths. I wanted to say ‘purpose’ first because as soon as you read the word ‘heart’ emotions override most people’s thinking at the word ‘heart’. It is true our heart is the emotion center, but not totally by itself. One thing to keep from getting lost and confused is when you try to totally separate and disconnect our inward parts. You and I have many parts (mind, heart, soul, and strength) inside of us working together as one body just like God has many parts inside of Himself, but He too is working together as one with Himself and it is confusing to try to separate and disconnect Him from Himself or us from within ourselves. To keep it on track your mind, works with your heart, and your heart works with your soul with your strength backing the decisions. It is like a council board within us coming together.

As an example some try to separate /disconnect God as a Father into another part as God as a separate Son, and another part as God as a separate Holy Spirit because of a few references, plurality translations from an everywhere God. He is not separate and disconnected no more than we are within ourselves. It was Him in the beginning like as a Father of all creation, and later He came among us to save us as like a son of mankind paying our debt to sin, and He came back to us to live inside of each one of us in His Spirit form with our spirit form. He is not separated, disconnected or divided He just came to us in three different stages or titles in mankind’s history and future. I was born a son to my parents, later a husband to my wife, and later a father to my children. These are three different stages or titles of the one person – me. This is a revelation of many parts inside oneness that is absolutely breath-taking once you see it. God is Omnipresent with nothing outside of Him making all things and many parts inside of His oneness. He can speak and do things from heaven and earth all at the same time – multitasking. We can multitask just like Him within ourselves with limits, but not like the limits of other creations. We are created special children in His image and likeness. Titles are easy to understand stages we have attained in life.

Separating, disconnecting, and dividing our mind, heart, soul, and strength will only confuse you and destroys our team work from within. If you see the oneness you and I must have to possess inside ourselves for a balanced life. Then you will see how many people today with division inside themselves train-wreck in many different ways. Our heart is the storage unit and the birth place of our words. Our heart does have the emotional characteristic, but also the purpose characteristic. This explains the ‘Speaking without thinking’ part when the emotional abundance of the heart explodes words of anger, hate, love, lust, frustration and so on. Our heart is the storage of good and bad things in life. It is our purpose center of what we will do with the good things and bad things stored there. What is stored inside our heart has the power of already doing it before they are physically done. This can be good things or bad things already committed. Good things can be something you want to help someone else with or bad things can be looking upon a woman lustfully committing adultery with her inside the heart (Mtt. 5:28). We can also convert the sour lemons life handed to us into a sweet taste of lemonade or allow the bitter lemons to rot in our hearts. Our heart stores the data with a label of purpose we put on it with the conviction (firmly held belief or opinion) we have concluded upon it. Do you see the importance and the power of the origin of “Based On Words“?

God wanted us to know about our heart because the “Based On Words” will come out of us everyday upon our fellow mankind. This is so important to understand our every word because God said that we would be judged “Based On Words” we speak for our acquittal or for our condemnation (Mtt. 12:36, 37). There are to many people today who are divided in their hearts, minds, and souls. “Based On Words” they speak one thing out of their mouths, but their hearts of purpose and intent are far from them (Mtt. 15:8). These are the same people we struggle to work with everyday and they struggle inside themselves because of their division is setting them up for a fall. God got mad at some religious people claiming to be His representatives because “Based On Words” they were speaking sugar-coated good words outwardly all the while their storage room heart was full of deception and evil. God wanted them to make a decision. A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him (Mtt. 12:34, 35; Lu. 6:45). This is a key place to see what God hates – division. He is not divided, but one in all things and as His children He does not want us to be divided. How much better would your life be if you were in complete oneness with yourself like God is with Himself?

For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of this is the origin of words. The “Based On Words” comes out of our mouth by-passing or passing through our minds to our tongue speaking what intentions are stored in our hearts. The thing(s) we said that hurt our parents, loved ones, and others was something that was either brewing in our hearts or a desire we were holding back from being said until it erupted forth.

The tongue is seen by most as a small member when looking at the totality of person’s body. Most people look at the outward appearance first what is known as either ‘eye candy’ or ‘pleasing to the eyes’ before they even consider hearing the words from the spirit inside their body. Some people can be outwardly beautiful or handsome to look upon, but after having a conversation with them their attitude stains their outward beauty into a spirit stained memory in your heart. The hidden small tongue is the doorway to what is stored in the hidden heart and mind. How many of us have been deceived because of others taking advantage of their outward appearance learning to speak deceiving words to gain their selfish hidden desires of their heart through using us?

You may have heard the saying, “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me“. This saying is pointing to the physical aspect only. The other side to it is the invisible battle of the words and your spirit. Words are not like a solid baseball bat to break someone’s bones physically, but they are like invisible poisonous injections into someone’s spirit. God wanted us to know that the tongue that speaks these words may be small in size, but no human being can tame the tongue (Ja. 3:8). A good size horse can be intimidating in its huge muscles, teeth, and hooves, but if you put a bit into the mouth where the tongue is you can make that huge horse obey you turning the whole animal in the direction you want to go. A huge ship in all of its large size fighting a strong wind is steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants it to go (Ja. 3:3, 4). The tongue is used “Based On Words” spoken on others determining if good or bad is imparted upon their eternal spirit side without physically harming the temporary flesh side from the storage room of their heart.

Our tongue can speak from the storehouse of our heart with a fire of evil corrupting the whole body setting into motion a path of fire throughout our life opening an invitation for hell to join itself with us making us a twofold child of the devil (Ja. 3:6; Mtt. 23:15).  This is a very powerful and scary understanding once you slow down to think how much inside damage a person can do with words alone. We have seen in the news how words influenced suicides, riots, fights, shootings, and other physical actions “Based On Words” alone. I understand why God does not speak idle talk for His every word comes true. He said, “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” (Is. 55:11). What if every word that came out of our mouths came true? The ‘speaking without thinking’ would be the fire of evil upon our sister or brother in the heat of the moment, the death of our parents in the flash of anger, and the destruction of possibly every living thing. All of us are born with a nature for selfishness. How often with our fleshly nature would we speak good things from a little child to adulthood?

Wow, to think my every word spoken would come true brings automatic tears to my eyes for some of the hateful things I have said in the spur-of-the-moment. How many times have our words or someone else’s was like throwing gasoline on a low flamed fire igniting it into a blaze? A huge forest has the appearance of strength until a small spark ignites inside its borders then the forest is no match for the growing flames. I know our words do have the power to automatically come true, but our words from the storehouse of our heart will be what we are judged by. There are so many aspects and effects that “Based On Words” change your life, mine, and those around us every day and in a split second they are spoken.

For my words to change the origin from which they are born must be changed first. The origin of my words changed when I made God and His word my best friend. He brings a balance to a person that if followed this life would know no end to the abundance of life and joy unspeakable. I am a witness from a person who lived in darkness and spoke darkness to those around me. The first steps after the change would be to take the counsel of my heart to my best roommate God/His Word, then with my mind, and soul.  This is the only way to bring oneness together in your spirit because outside of this balance would be mixed up division of discord and confusion. I know you who have had the confusion inside yourself remember the battles of ‘why am I here?’, ‘what good am I?’, ‘what’s the point in living?’, ‘does anyone really care?’, and many other questions understand the division inside your mind, heart, and soul. In this state people don’t perceive or understand what they hear coming out of your mouth because they cannot see your heart.

The power of “Based On Words” has this stipulation from God that “…this should not be.” when it comes to speaking from our hearts with our tongue we say one thing and the intentions of our heart is another. Would you not love to have a pure conversation without the worry or doubt of where the person is coming from with the words they are filling your ears with? We wonder inside our minds ‘what do they want?’ or ‘what are they up to?’ when listening to their smooth talking words. People can with their tongue praise God claiming the Christian life and turn around cursing other human beings with the same tongue forgetting God made them also in His likeness. This is where I must share with you that it is not God’s fault, but man’s freedom of choice to be cotton candy with their words and bitter selfishness of the heart.

Using God for personal gain will only end in spirit tragedy, but on the on the other side with uniting with God for personal change will evolve into walking into the light of understanding. God asks us, ‘Can you pour fresh water and mix salt water together without changing the taste of the water?’ We know the answer is ‘No’ because the salt will change the fresh water into undesirable and undrinkable liquid. I remember the first visit to the ocean having only fresh water up to this point. I was thinking “Based On Words” that I had heard about the ocean saltness was over exaggerated and take a good taste of it and spitting it out as quickly as it touch my taste buds. This is what “…ought not to be…”  God was speaking about. The words coming from our hearts flowing out of our tongues cannot be fresh words and stinging words of hurt without corruption taking over our lives (Ja. 3:9-12). One will, not maybe, corrupt the other and a fall is coming. This mixed up concoction is not only deadly to the individual, but also to those that take in their words like seeds into their storage room.

I have traveled my share of the road of darkness and have lived to write to you as I do now. I had a friend that walked in darkness and came to the light with many physical scares. People were scared of him just by his outward appearance though inside he was filled with God’s Spirit and forgiven. They would shake my hand freely and hesitate to shake his because of his evil-looking face and eyes. Outside he was rough-looking, but stored in his heart was the beginning of a new person. He did not know how to speak regular English words without cursing. Curse words were a normal form of speech for him. I did not judge him because I understood there was more to him than “Based On Words” he spoke. Beginning a new walk with God is one step at a time and one word at a time. This is many years later today and the same man as I flow with better words that are one with a better heart because of the daily fellowship with God and His word.

We all stumble in many ways. If anyone can control and never be at fault in what they say at all times is counted perfect and able to keep their whole body in check (Ja. 3:2). This explains part of the reason why God fills us with His Spirit like He did in Acts 2 showing the people a symbol of tongues wrapped in fire above them coming down upon them, entering them, spiritually burning out the things stored in their hearts of evil, and coming back out of them with fresh pure words of the praises of freedom to God’s glory. This is a freedom “Based On Words” from God only to be personally experienced to truly see a spiritual world of wonder and spiritual acceptance no other human being can give you. If you want to be rock solid inside yourself with the oneness of mind, heart, and soul the world cannot break seek the Lord and His word without man’s interpretation. I encourage not “Based On Words” that I speak, but seek the one I did and forever be changed into a new person never to be alone again.

God bless you and thank for reading this to the end. May the words you have read be of spirit and of life to your soul.

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