Love Deficiency

“…Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Mtt. 4:4. Jesus answer to the devil about turning stones into bread.

You may be thinking what does “Love Deficiency” have to do with man not living by bread alone, but also man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Love is defined in the dictionary as an intense feeling of deep affection, romantic, or sexual attachment. Deficiency is defined in the dictionary as a lack, a shortage, a failing, or a shortcoming. Love is a bundle of several things in one and deficiency is basically a lacking. We all can see things in our lives that would match the definition of “Love Deficiency” in various areas. What is the cure for the “Love Deficiency” in your life?

“…Man shall not live on bread alone…” shows us “…bread…” as the food substance that feeds our physical bodies to live in this world . The word “…alone…” reveals that this is only a single aspect to our living existence. We physically eat bread to satisfy our physical hunger on a daily basis. We feed our bodies everyday with physical food and without feeding ourselves everyday we will begin to slowly physically die. This is totally about our physical side. We have another side to us invisible to the human eye.

We have two basic sides to us – physical and spiritual. We see everyday how well people are feeding themselves physically from the small to the large. What we do not see under our noses and on others is the spiritual size of small to large. This may show you how you are trying to feed your spiritual side with your physical flesh. This may also show you people around you trying to feed their spiritual hunger through their flesh. Our flesh will never totally satisfy the hunger and thirst of our eternal spirit. The reason is because we are trying to feed an eternal substance (our spirit eternal side) with temporary passing away substance (our flesh dying side). This is where “Love Deficiency” comes into play with our spirit. All the physical pleasures, joys, and loves of this life fall short in completing our spirit. Let us continue down this path exploring our lives and what we have observed in others.

You may have past or present memories of your mom filling your life with hugs and kisses. You may have past or present memories of your dad can chasing you and tickling you. You may have past or present memories of your brother, sister, or both picking on you. You may have past or present memories of your friend laughing and crying with you. You may have past or present memories of your boyfriend or girlfriend holding your hand, sharing a kiss, and a holding of each other’s arms. You may have past or present memories of your teacher or coach patting you on the back for a job well done. You may have past or present memories of your professor can shaking your hand for being the caliber student that you are. You may have past or present memories of your wife or husband being intimate with you satisfying all your needs. You may have past or present memories of your children hugging your neck. You may have past or present memories of your boss and co-workers smiling when they see you. You may have past or present memories of your workers under your leadership bragging on your managing skills. You may have past or present memories of your fan club giving you faces of adoration. You may have past or present memories of your pets giving you that seemingly unwavering attention. You may have past or present memories of your music moving during emotional times.


All the above was a quick passage of times possibly in your life. If you want to slow down on one thing from above and focus on that memory that would be good because everything from the list of memories is on the “…bread alone…” side of this life. Your parent’s and families deep affection fed your physical side. The hug, the kiss on the forehead or cheek, and the pat on the head or back touched you physically from a temporary source. Your parents and family do not have the spiritual power to completely satisfy your spiritual hunger. Yes, they can imprint, influence, and train your spirit, but not enough to totally satisfy your spirit hunger. This is about “Love Deficiency” hidden inside of us and others. There is a deception from our flesh that all we need is a good mother, father, brother, sister, other family members, boyfriend/girlfriend, and spouse to support us with the happiness we long for. Some people are starving below their flesh for a happy family with the thinking that this is the cure for their “Love Deficiency“. They will fantasize of that dream family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse, but the lacking and emptiness is still there in their heart.


A hunger for affection different from a families affection enters into our hearts. We all start seeking a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a best friend to share things in a way we don’t want to share with our family. This is also on the “…bread alone…” side of our flesh. We go after that person with an obsession of that we’ve got to have them in our life to satisfy that heart pumping desire. This is another deception from the side of our flesh. Only something that is spirit can feed spirit. Flesh can only feed flesh with temporary satisfaction impacting the spirit side. You can even marry or live with someone thinking this will complete your life, but only to find all the affection, romantic, and sexual contact still does not satisfy the emptiness of your spirit.

It does not matter how happy or sad you are in the love relationship the “Love Deficiency” will always be there no matter how hard you try or fantasize. This is the “…bread alone…” physical side of our flesh. Our spirit side must be fed by spirit. Our spirit is made in God’s image and God’s likeness. It cannot be fed and truly happy until it is fed by God. This is our other side hidden from us by our flesh and the devil. We can go our entire earthly life time filling it up with everything we see in this world and never completely satisfy the spirit. Flooding our lives with physical highs from alcohol, drugs, sports, movies, novels, adventures, sexual exploits, fantasizes, and hobbies are all from the temporary sources and not the unseen source of God.

We are suffering from a “Love Deficiency” that is killing us inside out because the outside cannot become one with the inside. Our outside is temporary and is daily getting closer to death, but our inside is eternal getting closer to eternal life. The only thing that can merge with our spirit with complete satisfaction is eating the spiritual bread of life spoken to our spirit from God. When you pray, read God’s word, sing to Him, worship Him and something connects in your spirit with a joyous feeling and inward glow of glory it is His Spirit merging with your spirit in a communion of oneness the world could never give you. You cannot feed your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, wife, husband, son, daughter, or friends this feeding of the soul because we are on the side of the “…bread alone…” and God is on the side of spoken spirit word.

No matter how strong your love is towards another person you cannot enter into their spirit. You can shower them with your love and influence, but only God can move inside with their spirit bringing complete satisfaction. The devil tries to enter into a person’s body, not a completing of the spirit, but more of a domination of control of that spirit in bondage. God’s word feeds our spirit a liberation of truth with complete satisfaction of spiritual thirst and hunger. It is spirit to spirit and not flesh to spirit. The bread of this world and everything else in it is for the flesh. God’s Spirit inside of us in this world feeds our spirit the translation of truths of eternal life.

Our “Love Deficiency” is the hunger and thirst of our soul. Our attempts to feed it will always fall short and fail satisfying its eternal longing with the temporary side of this life. We need to add to our daily bread the prayer life of fellowship with God satisfy the growling noise in our spiritual stomachs. We need to equalize or better our efforts that we put into our physical side into the our spiritual side for one will pass away and the other will not. I know you know you have the “Love Deficiency” inside of you. I know I have the “Love Deficiency“, but the difference is knowing the cure and what you do about it. This is why when I pray for someone I know God can go places inside of them that I could never go and His word can reach things inside of them my words never could.

Set your goals along side of feeding your physical body daily with feeding your spirit to know God and the Jesus man side of God allowing His wisdom that is pure, peaceable, gentle and easy to give to others full of mercy, good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy satisfy your spirit (Jn. 17:3, Ja. 3:17). The “Love Deficiency” will go away with the balance feeding of your spirit and body until the day you depart from your body passing on your spirit from this life to His.


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