What We have Done with God?

History has shown mankind is like their creator in taking an idea, materials, and putting them together creating a solid functional self-sustaining powered invention. Mankind has taken, is taking, and will take things in the future from this world forming a creation from their own minds because we are His children.

Have you ever been told to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes or situation‘ to try to see their side of the story, view, or perspective? This was my parent’s way of hinting to me to be slower on judging someone until you have all the facts. Have you heard the saying to ‘look before you leap‘? This was also a hint to make sure of what you are getting ready to jump into with both feet, which implies all of your weight and reputation behind it. I will admit I did not do this well in the beginning, but with time and a few hard knocks in life the practicing became automatic. When you imagine yourself in another person’s situation wondering what you would do in their place and the conclusion you would make defines the ‘What You Have Done’ with them.

Interesting thought came to me a long time ago about putting myself in other people’s situations and looking before leaping  that I was being equal to other areas in life. I was giving people chances of understanding even when they did not show the same courtesy to me. I found I was leaving someone out of this viewing things from their side. I was not trying to see from God’s point of view. I was not trying to put myself into His situation to see His side of the story. This opened up a whole new world of things. It is enlightening when you take the time to try to see from different angles. You gain a perspective with a more complete, wholesome, and rounded understanding. I started my journey with “What We Have Done with God” to try to see from His point of view and He gave me something far beyond than what I originally thought. God actually allows us to take Him and make our own decisions without stopping us. Are we judging God fairly? Are we taking His stuff and using them in the right way? Freedom of choice is stamped on all His earthly stuff He gave us.


First, before we put ourselves in God’s so-to-speak shoes we must have an idea about Him just like we would for another person we are trying to understand. There are three main ingredients that have come to know define God as God. He is present everywhere at the same time (Omnipresent), all-knowing (Omniscient), and all-powerful (Omnipotent). He took areas of His Presences and made some things to be solid from His Spirit. He took His Knowledge and made the solid forms to have functions and purpose for their existence. He took His Power and gave the solid forms the ability to fulfill their functions. All three ingredients are in all creation His presences (solid forms, tangible), knowledge (function and purpose), and power (sustaining ability for purpose). John 1:3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. If we are going to put ourselves in God’s so-to-speak shoes to see from His side then we have to go with what we can see and touch. We are more on this side of the tangible things than understanding the things intangible.

This may be difficult to wrap our minds around, but as an example there was emptiness, darkness with no light in the beginning. God imagining the sun shining in the darkness of space is literally already there before He spoke it into existence. God said, “Let there be light” and the birth of the sun appeared in space with His solidness, His function, and His power. We have come to know the sun in outer space sends its warming light to us and the earth keeping us alive. The plan inside God’s Spirit was for the sun to become solid with a function and the power to do its job. The earth was made solid with a function and the power to do its job. The water, the dirt, the rocks, the grass, the plants, and the trees were made solid in His Spirit with the function of His Knowledge and His Power for them to sustain their purpose. All of these things have a bond beneath them the human eye cannot see. Scientist has found what God allowed them to find in molecules with atoms bonded together exchanging back and forth the solid things we see on the surface.

When we walk on dirt and grass we are walking on the material God turned from His Spirit into a created powered together solid functioning existence. It would not be there if it were not for God. His Spirit making things solid, functional, and the power to do its purpose is the key to “What We Have Done with God“.

All of creation is made of God’s everywhere existence, all-knowing set functional design, and His all-powerful presence in the physical output purpose. God’s Word presence, knowledge, and power were in solid form in the sun, moon, stars, grass, trees, fruits, animals, and in mankind. All these things are only solid back then and today because God put Himself into them with His presence, His knowledge, and His power. For an example if God extracted Himself totally from a rock taking away His Presence (physical/material form), Knowledge (reason/plan of existence), and Power (bonding molecules/atoms) the rock would lose its power to stay together, its knowledge of planned existence, and its solid presence back into nothingness. Wow, this can be mind-blowing, but this is an attempt to step into God’s world for us to see from His visible/invisible side.


Now, let us slowly get into the good/evil side of creation and God being in all things. We are still trying to step over inside the so-to-speak shoes of God. Good/Evil and Light/Darkness are born from choices. All of creation at one time was purely good with no evil in them. God is freedom of choices. His choice for all of us was good and outside of that was up to the creation’s choices. God being good was the only active element in the beginning. The opposite of God was there, but it was not active. The angels and mankind would have to activate evil from their own choosing (What We Have Done with God). In God’s shoes He created angels with the intelligence of the freedom to choose good or evil. God created us in His image and likeness which automatically comes with the freedom of choice of good or evil. God made angels and mankind solid material from His Presence, put the planned functionality of His Knowledge upon them, and made them alive by His Power with the independent intelligence of freedom of choice compared to other creations. He gave us and angel’s solid form, functionality, and power to self exist, but a mind-set to choose freely whatever we desire. Being made of God’s material, functionality, and power to exist is separate from the choices we make from within the bodies He gave us. “What We Have Done with God” is taken His material and did with them as we pleased.

Now, looking back with the mindset of putting ourselves in God’s so-to-speak shoes is it God’s fault the angel Lucifer became the devil? Freedom of choice is having your own control over your destiny. The opposite of freedom of choice would be like a blade of grass with only a set function and no ability to choose otherwise. Today, we would think of a robot (not a TV robot) programmed with set parameters with no ability to detour from that set path of right or wrong. The angel Lucifer known as the morning star, the son of the dawn had a position high above all other angels. He was covered with every precious stone with settings and mountings made of gold on the day he was created. He was an anointed and ordained guardian cherub on the holy mount of God blameless in his ways from the day he was created until he made his choice. At this time the opposite of God (evil, disease, death, hell, and the grave) was locked away and not free to do as it pleases. Lucifer took the material, functionality, and power to exist of what God gave him looking upon himself with pride in his heart of his beautiful precious stones, settings and mounts of gold wanting more than what he already was (Ezek. 28:13-17). He was not the poorest of angels that rebelled out of complaint, but the richest of angels. He took his freedom of choice and said ‘I will‘ take heaven, put a throng above God, sit there over everyone, be above the tops of the clouds, and make myself like the Most High – God (Is. 14:12-14). What did Lucifer do with what God gave him? He took his solid body made of God’s presence, the functionality of God’s knowledge, and the abilities of God’s power to trade it with the choice of his heart and mind for the opposite of God to become God. What have we done with God?

When God made us He took His idea of a creation from His Knowledge to be made with a physical appearance of what His likeness and His image would look like in solid form. He took the dirt of the earth forming a physical body placing the function upon that body as like one of His children above all other creations giving it power by its own living spirit born from His breath. We have His solidness made in His image with the likeness of functionality of His Knowledge, and the living power of His breath. He gave complete responsibility and control over all the earth into our hands like as He has control over all things because we are His children.

Again, the freedom to choose would not exist unless there was an opposite of God. “What did We Do with God” in the Garden of Eden? Everything was good in the world, but one tree having the knowledge of good and evil. The opposite of God was once again trapped in one tree with the warning passed onto Adam and Eve what would happen in choosing to eat of that tree. Eve on the freedom of her choice reached out with her hand took the forbidden fruit raising it up to her mouth, took a bite, and then handed it to Adam who made the same choice as Eve. They took God’s goodness and released the opposite of God (evil, disease, death, hell, and the grave) onto themselves and the rest of the world. It is “What We Have Done with God” that has determined the good or evil outcomes. People want freedom and God has allowed those choices to be made freely.

If God is in all material can He be used for evil being a good God? All material in the beginning was only good. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is upon everything in the earth and the angels that freely chose the opposite of God. The lion did not eat the lamb until after what Adam and Eve did with God. Cain their first son did not know man’s death until he made the choice to kill his brother. It is not God Himself doing the evil, but “What We Have Done with God” has given us in solid form, functionality, and power.

If God is in all physical material then does that mean He is in the knife that was used to kill someone? God is in all material, but it is what we have done with Him – that material. Man took solid, programmed functioned, held together by His power stones/rocks of the earth and formed spears, knives, and swords. Man under the freedom of choice created the knife. The knife within itself (the material) is not evil, but what a person does with it chooses the side of good and evil. A knife in a skillful doctor could save a life and the same knife in the hands of someone evil could take a life.  God is in the material that makes up the knife. The material is still God and not bad within itself, but the action of our usage of the knife made it to bad on us. It is “What We Have Done with God” and not what God has done with us. He gave us everything we needed to be like Him, but our choice started the struggle to good like Him once again.

From the very beginning standing in God’s shoes He inserted a way we (mankind) could be saved after we failed Him and ourselves. We were not totally made of eternal material like the angels, but we have a side of us from the earth. The angels are totally made of eternal material, which means their choices are final. Our material half spirit substance and half earth substance God could pass the death penalty onto the earth side of us through the death of the man Jesus Christ applying his blood to our debt washing us clean and opening the in filling of the fire power of God’s Spirit inside with our spirit purifying for a life in eternity with God. All this is still under the choice of “What We Have Done with God“. We have once again a choice of good or evil because of what God did with Himself for our sake.

It is what we have done with God that determines the deciding factor of our good or bad upon our spirit. The responsibility is upon the driver of that material and not the material itself. It is not the material of the bullet that is evil, but the usage from the driver of that material determines the usage to be evil or good. Could it be people kill people? The bullet made of God’s particle material shaped into a bullet inside a gun. It is God’s material that makes up our body with given permission to us to drive it as we see fit. It is God’s earth that we take and make things from it with given permission to use it as we see fit. It is what we have done with our body (finger on the trigger), done with the gun (metals put together). The driver inside the body killed the other driver corrupting the spirit and not the material. The material remains the programmed function because it was the usage that put corruption or sin on the user? The earth will not be sent to heaven or hell for its actions, but the angels and people will be judged according to “What We Have Done with God“.

The guns, knives, swords, bombs, drugs, etc…are materials we have put together and used it for the purpose of good or evil. We are like our Father in that we have a mindset to think of ways to create using what is around us. The good or evil falls upon the shoulders of our inward spirit that is inside our bodies. It was our action that brought death and disease into this world, not God. If you are thinking in a blaming way, ‘but He allowed it‘ would be a ‘yes, He did‘ because we are not robots programmed without the freedom of choice. He made us His children free to choose like Him. It was not the material that is evil because all things are made of Him in the original state of goodness. This is why God after creating things would say, it is good. Our action brought the spirit of evil, death, and disease upon the usage of the material. We gave the devil control to use the material of this world for his bidding. The spirit of the lion was corrupted to eat the lamb, but not in the original physical state of the lion. The lion now has the evil nature upon its material that was made of God. It was never meant to kill. We were never meant to kill. Our nakedness was never meant to be divided into shame. Our material bodies and our spirit being were pure through and through.

Everything in this life is born with the potential acts of evil, disease, and death. In the beginning evil was contained in one tree and one group of fallen angels. Everywhere else was purity, peace, kindness, joy, and innocent love with no need or necessity of any laws, except for one law of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This one law kept evil locked in one place. With the freedom of choice Adam and Eve released and expanded the territory of death, hell, and the grave to the entire world. We are all coated with the potential of horrible sexual immoralities, diverse impurities and over indulgence; worship of false idols and witch crafts; all sorts of hatred, lovers of discord, destructive jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambitions, always disagreeing, closed off from others, not happy with ourselves; drunkards, orgies, and anything else you can think of. Being born with the potential of evil on all things explains why our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but what is upon it from the rulers, authorities, the powers of darkness, and the spiritual forces of evil (Eph. 6:12) we released from the one locked in place of the knowledge of good and evil. 

IT IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE WITH GOD IN THE MATERIAL THINGS HE GAVE US IN THIS WORLD. He is in the physical and in the spiritual. We got separated from Him in both the physical and the spiritual. Death had to be paid by one of them. God was willing to sacrifice the physical, but not our spirit. He came to save our spirit and not the world. The world and our old flesh will return to nothingness. He will give us a new body and a new world free from the control of evil. There will be no sorrow there. It all comes back to what we have done with what God gave us that puts the goodness or evil upon it. It is not God’s fault. The material does nothing of itself we have to animate it to make it good or evil. If you have made it this far I say, “God Bless You” for enduring the length of this writing. I have so much that He gives me that it is difficult to compress it into few words.

What Have I Done with You God and What You Have Given Me? You are very special in His eyes. Don’t throw yourself away or waste the things He has given you. Your life is important not to Him only, but the potential brothers and sisters lost around you. Hear His calling voice in the wind of change for your free will choice. Here am I Lord take this body and the driver within to be made into a pleasing vessel inside and out.


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