See Blind Love

“Do you love something or someone?” a person may ask you. They are asking for a level of your affection. If you are ‘OK‘ with something or someone this could be considered as a low-level of neutral feelings. If you ‘like‘ something or someone this could be a step up to a medium level of fondness. If you ‘love‘ something or someone this could be thought as a high level of affection. These levels can be visualized as a thermostat control of ‘Low‘, ‘Medium‘, and ‘High‘ above the dial. The something or someone they asked you about may be on the first level of ‘OK‘ with the you could do with or without them having any effects on yourself. The second level of ‘like‘ may be something you want to keep, but if not the loss would not be overwhelming. The third level of ‘love‘ could effect you greatly depending on the depth of love inside of you. Love is the deepest of affection one could have towards something or someone. Loving something or someone has different levels and sides to it. You could be with a clearly seeing or a totally blind with your love.

Love is Blind” is a statement some will say at times of deception, favoritism,  or ambition. “Love is Seeing” could be a statement some one would say at times of absolute truth, pure balance, or without selfish intent. ‘Love‘ has more levels than we give it credit with seeing and blindness on each level waiting to takes its place in our lives.

Love is the looking upon something determining a wanting it decision, locking a desire upon it, and a longing energy towards it. The mind takes in the information, the heart forms the belief, and the soul applies the function/action of the will. For love to be true and pure in all three levels there must be an alignment and in one accord with each other for there to be clarity of sight without blindness. Blindness comes when anyone of these levels are excluded from the totality of the basis of your love upon something or someone. I apologize that was a little deep of a statement here in the beginning, but togetherness of our mind, heart, and soul in clarity is essential to all focusing their love upon someone or some thing.

The mind, the heart, and the soul are the three basic levels that love exists inside of us. Love can exist in the mind only dragging along behind it the heart and the soul. Love can exist in the heart with blackout glasses over the mind and the soul. Love can exist in the soul (will) leaving behind the mind and the heart. Love, also, can exist in the mind, the heart, and the soul making these three as one in complete unity.

Seeing is an ingredient on each level of the mind, heart, and soul with the potential of a clear sight of understanding and perception (all three can see). Blindness is an ingredient on each level of the mind, heart, and soul with the ability to deceive and hide if left unchecked. Without all three levels with clear sight blindness hinders your vision to the fullness of truth of what is before you. If you have one ingredient that is sweet and the other two ingredients are bitter the final outcome will be dominated by the bitter ingredients leaving an awful taste in your mouth. It would be like pouring fresh water into a glass and pouring sea water into the same glass. The salty sea water would corrupt the fresh water overtaking the freshness and converting it all into one bitter salty taste.  They cannot exist together in the same glass without corrupting the other so it is with love in our mind, heart, and soul inside of us. We are the glass. The ingredients must be one in agreement for the completeness of love to be truly a sweet experience.


You can love something or someone from your mind alone leaving the heart and soul in blindness. A young teenage boy saw a beautiful blonde teenage girl at school one day. He looked at her height, length of blonde hair, athletic body, the beautiful smile, and the care free laughter she would release in the school hallways. He took in all this information into his mind falling in love with the idea of her being his ideal girlfriend. His mind develops this dreamer’s dream of her being his girlfriend overtaking the heart and soul’s opinions. He went through all the steps of making himself available to her. He carried her books. He watched for her safety. He walked her to class every chance he could even at the sacrifice of being late to his own class. His mind drank deeply of her smile, her eyes, and her sweet personality. When the mind fantasizes it is a powerful thing. A lie can be a truth to that mind until the lie is challenged revealing the real truth.

After many months of being by her side as much as possible with her treating him as only a good friend the dream of his mind faced some thoughts of reality. He began to question the motives of his mind with all the sacrificial actions he had taken for this idea to come true. He sat down with himself bringing into the room his mind, his heart, and his soul together to do some self examinations. Realization connected on the table between his mind, heart, and soul producing the truth of the idea/thought of love for her. He only loved her with his thoughts. His mind was seeing only one side while he left his heart and soul in darkness. Now, the light was turned on for all three to see together with understanding and perception. It is not complete love when only one member agrees. The once dreamer lost his dream. He finally came to himself and stopped chasing after her understanding it was not true love and began to go to class like normal before her.

A few days went by without seeing this beautiful blonde girl at school to his surprise she had hunted him down in the hallway. She asked him why did he stop coming around her. His eyes were open seeing her as someone who had become accustomed and attached to his being her beck and call. She missed him not because she loved him with all three levels, but the love of his being there for her. He told her in explanation that the dreamer had lost his dream of her with a thank you for the times that they did spent together and that they would always be friends as she had kept it. This seeing reality of truth caused the young teenager never to look back again in her direction with his mind only.

This was his first lesson on infatuation on his own (hard knocks of life). A life lesson he was able break free from before getting out of control. His mind had subconsciously locked onto the admiration of her like an athlete going after a trophy. The input of his heart and his soul were the two ingredients that something was not right about the relationship. Can you recall something or someone your  mind has locked onto the idea of loving it to find the reality was totally different? Loving something with your mind only is a perfect picture to understand  with your eyes you can see, but your mind can be blind by its own thoughts of what it thinks to be the truth. This is how you can be blind on the inside and still have eyes that can see what is physically in front of you. All of our minds need assistance and help to stay on the track of truth.


If one part of you is out of alignment (mind, heart, and soul) all kinds of chaos can occur in your life. I almost feel I could get an ‘Amen’ out of you who have had this kind of experience. A popular girl started coming around and started paying attention to this young man. He welcomed the attention of this beautiful cheerleader girl. Her kindness, joy, and enthusiasm swept him totally away. She no longer had to go find him for his attention for he was now finding her to get more of her attention. His heart was hooked and she was reeling his heart in like a fish. They started going places and doing things together. She laughed, smiled, batted her eyes, giggled, and many other cute gestures filling the air with sweet persuasion over his heart. He was totally caught up with believing in her outward appearance of love towards him. He would never believe she was anything else, but true and faithful to him. His mind and soul were locked out of the control room while the heart blindly drove recklessly his entire body.

He walked her to class and left her with plenty of time before the bell would ring. He had forgotten something and went back to find her hugging another guy and kissing him before class. He was drawn into her web of lies believing she was true to his heart. His mind and soul were blind following the belief of his heart alone. The heart alone could not see the truth fulfilling the blind leading the blind they both will fall into the ditch (Mtt. 15:14). The sight of her with another man shocked his mind back into reality and stopped the will of his soul for her anymore. His heart fell victim to a player and user of people. He had more pain this time around than he did before when his mind was in love because his heart of belief was totally wrapped around her to be the truth. The realization of seeing her betrayal and the dawning light the whole school saw her and not one soul attempted to save him, but allowed the evil game of his heart to continue.  Another life lesson learned on his own without getting out of control or stuck with a life time of suffering with the wrong person.


Our soul has the will, action, and function of going forward with things in life. It is the driving life force of a decided direction and focus. A young man who had tasted the highs and lows of the world from intoxicating liquids, evil intended people, and other bad things turned his life over to God. His love for God was so strong his will was to be in the vocation of doing work for God alone. His driving force, his soul, was to do whatever it takes to be a full-time preacher of God because his love shut off his other member’s voices (mind and heart). His soul convinced his mind and heart to follow his will no matter the cost. It was a noble cause to do good, not evil, and be full-time in the ministry of God, but he needed all three (mind, heart, and soul) to be clear in understanding and perception.

He was willing to go and do whatever it took for the fulfillment of his own will. He moved out of his home state to another for the cause of training and becoming a full-time minister for God. His soul/will was driving his every move with his mind and heart following. He met an elderly gentleman who shared he had been in the ministry for twenty something years, but only from the pew. The older gentleman never was a pastor a church, hardly ever preached or taught. The young preacher said to himself he would not go twenty something years before accepting it was not meant to be for him. The young man continued on sheer will pushing forward to the day he would fulfill the love of his will to be a full-time minister for the God he loved.

Young ladies of the church and other churches would chase after him from the brunette, the blonde, and the crystal green eyes, but none had matched his will and focused destiny. The young man locked onto a preacher’s daughter. His driving will convinced his mind with facts about this young preacher’s daughter. She sings, plays an instrument, and faithful to church functions. His will for the ministry subconsciously saw her as a means to completing his soul’s desire. He took her as his wife believing this was the will for the ministry. The ingredient of blindness exists in all three levels no matter how good, bad, or noble the cause may be. The ingredient of seeing exists in all three levels if called upon. “Love is blind” when anyone of these are out of alignment of each other.

To fully see with perception and hear with understanding your mind, your heart, and your soul must be all aligned and link as one. You cannot love with your thoughts only and survive in happiness. You cannot love with your heart believing the surface only and avoid the sorrows of life. You cannot love with your soul only driving for a goal that is not meant for you. Each one of these levels separately will send you spiraling out of control looking, locking, and longing for the wrong things in life. The price you pay will be higher than what you are wanting to pay.

Truth is complete when all three are seeing. ‘Soulmate‘ was formed to try to identify what is like to have your mind, heart, and soul aligned with total agreement towards someone. It was a term to point out a completeness of all areas in their life was satisfied. It was claiming the mind has satisfactory interaction, the heart has complete in comfort, and the soul has the same walking side by side direction in life. It is rare in this life to witness this previous sentence of having equal thoughts, compassion, and goals. The majority of people make do with partial existence of different combinations of mind, heart, and soul. Those who try to walk the good path of life survive with their mind in control, their heart of hope of a better tomorrow, and their soul to persevere until the end. Those who are on the attempting to satisfy themselves path of life survive with filling their minds with lies, false highs (drugs, sex, money) to their heart, and directions with dead ends.

Would you like to experience having your mind, heart, and soul lined up without the ingredient of blindness playing a part? Would you like to experience complete trust without fear of a blind side attack? Would you like to feel the rare connection of being one like the ‘Soulmate‘ implies? Finding this experience in other people has very low chances as most of us have come to know, but there is a guaranteed of finding this connection in God. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8).

I always wondered at the depth of the greatest commandment of the Bible that you are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Mtt. 22:37). As the scripture reads I have kept them separate and in their place. I have imagined my mind in my head, my heart in my chest, and my soul the living force through out my body. This was from a physical view of the mind, heart and soul. I never considered them to be as one. God knows when we line up our mind with truth, wrap our heart of belief around it, and put our soul/will into motion the complete peace of oneness merges with Him the giver of life and life more abundantly. When these three levels of love are in an alignment it creates a oneness of truth in thoughts, belief, and will that no force can break. This combination equals to God’s oneness towards us. This is why Jesus did what he did everyday for us. God and the man Jesus were complete as one in mind, heart, and soul/will.

The ‘Soulmate‘ experience can be found in God who sees you one hundred percent as you are and still wants to be in your life. He still wants your love to be one with His love sharing your heart, your soul, and your mind with His. He is not so far away from you like a person on the other side of the earth. He is doing things right now for you to easily seek Him, reach out to Him, and find Him because He is not far from any of us (Acts 17:27). He knows we can experience the completeness (Col. 2:10) we so long to look for desiring to lock ourselves as one into it.

This ‘Soulmate‘ with God begins by us joining Him in a relationship of oneness of heart, soul, and mind. Our mind, heart, and soul can become as one with God. He wants to welcome us into His family. The only way into God’s family and experience this oneness is to be born again. You can be born again leaving behind the deceptions, blindness, and false loves of this world. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Heb. 13:5). To enter into His family and a personal relationship with Him all we have to do is three things matching the mind, heart, and soul. We are to turn our backs on the wrong things in this life as he did, take on His name like a marriage in water baptism in Jesus name applying his blood shed on Calvary washing away our sins, and accepting His Spirit inside with our spirit allowing Him to be one with our voice speaking praises of freedom and worship with another language as He gives us what to speak (Acts 2:1-4, 38, 39). This is a powerful life changing experience opening your eyes at each level of love with your heart, your soul, and your mind.

Your struggles of surviving the levels of life you are living will be totally changed. If before God you were surviving with your mind over your present situation. You will now have your heart and soul comforted together with God in all three. If before God you were surviving with your heart of hop of a better tomorrow will come. You will now have the peace of mind and completeness of soul together with God in all three. If before God you were surviving with the sheer will of your soul. You will now have your thoughts filled with goodness and your heart filled with joy together with God in all three. You will have the best roommate inside your body with your spirit than anyone could have in this world.

Don’t struggle any more alone inside your body, seek God, and allow the light to chase away the blindness on each level opening the eyes of your mind, heart, and soul as one to the best experience of love that could happen right inside you.

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