The Car IS Replaceable

Vehicles and other modes of transportation we use on a daily basis are man-made and invented to make things more efficient. The majority of the transportation we use to travel is something we generally step inside and ride until reaching our destination. There are some transportation we ride on top of (bikes, boats…etc) to our destination. We walk inside, step inside, or sit inside the vehicle that is going to carry us to our desired destination. “The Car IS Replaceable” comes from a statement my dad said to me after being in a car accident. At the time I thought … Continue reading The Car IS Replaceable

To Know Him

Knowing is the beginning to making a decision of wrapping your thoughts, your belief, and your life around that something. ‘Beginning‘ is a starting point. A place you can go forward into understanding and perceiving. If you love something you will want all the knowledge you can of that something to strengthen and prove the love to be real. “To Know Him” is journey that I began a long time ago when out of the darkness His voice called me into the light. He showed me a side of Him that I consider very deep that branches out in many … Continue reading To Know Him

Thank You

I want to take time to say a special “Thank You” to all of you from my heart for subscribing to my humble posts. I have no motive to hurt anyone, unless that hurt awakens you (Prov. 27:6) to something you did not know was there inside of you giving you a second chance to free yourself. If I can play a small part in your life in bringing you forgiveness, happiness, freedom, understandings, and truth I feel I would have led a fulfilled life. God gives me things and I want to give them to you by His permission. … Continue reading Thank You