Complete Partner

Every person that looks at a drinking glass with water inside it will see it with their own perception and understanding. One may see the glass of water as being half full and another would see it as half empty. Our spirits inside our bodies are like that glass of water. Our spirit is being filled everyday with something. The focus today is on ‘how much does your partner complete you?‘ The drinking glass is filled by another outside source. The water placed inside it can come from different sources such as a water pitcher, a fountain, or a sink. … Continue reading Complete Partner

See Me

It is a very saddening experience when you feel like no one sees you. You know you have solid form like everyone else yet it seems like you are a ghost.  If they do by chance see you their opinion of you is not much higher than a stray dog or their facial expression has that looking down their noses on you. The worse of it all is living daily among other people as though you are not there. You get up feed yourself, get dressed for school or work, and walk into a people filled room with no one … Continue reading See Me

Meant to be Alone

Do you ever feel you were meant to be alone in this life?  Have you found yourself with another person, you and your spouse, you and four others, you and your family, you and your classmates, you and a crowd, you and your co-workers, you and your church, you and your team, you and no matter how many are around you – you are still alone? Did you try from middle school, to high school, to college, in the work world, in the church world, in the sports world, join clubs to make friends or at least come away with … Continue reading Meant to be Alone