Just For You

This evening I felt the Lord taking me back to the woman that broke the letter of the law by committing adultery and was sitting between a wall of men with rocks in their hands ready to stone her to death and on the other side one man left with the final word of her judgment.

I see the woman in her village with all the people knowing her life style. When she walks down the street all the eyes look upon her with shame. She enters the store for supplies and she can feel the air is filled with rejection.

On the surface many people hated her for her getting away with her crimes against the letter of the law, but no one did anything about it, but deep in heart she knew the day would come. No one escapes from the seeds they have sown in life. What goes around comes around.

People only saw her face and body that was given over to the men of the town. The women saw a woman to hate for her actions. The men saw a woman they could use. She was nothing to them, but an object to use. Who cared what she felt or thought?

Could it be she hated herself, hated the life style she lived, and felt trapped with no way out. Could it be she felt there was no forgiveness in the many people around her nor any forgiveness in her own heart. There was no one to reach out to her other than for her to perform and serve them.

She could feel that ominous feeling her day of judgment will come and there will be no one who cares. People only saw her body and did not see her sadness, loneliness, and sorrow in her heart. No one sees me, the real me. No one cares about the real me inside this body.

Jesus stopped in this town to go to the temple to teach. Could it be just like the woman at the well. Jesus sent all of his disciples away just for her to meet him alone at the well. Could it be being God inside that man Jesus knew this woman’s time was at hand.

Could it be Jesus knew that woman felt the day would come for her to pay for her sins because there was no one to help her or forgive her. Could it be all the woman desired with all her heart was for someone to stand up for her and forgive her to set her on the path of doing right.

When the men broke into the room where she was breaking the letter of the law of adultery. She knew her time had come. As they were pulling her along seeing them picking up good size stones. She knew this was it and no one would help her. All she knew they were taking her to a place to stone her to death.

When the men pushed her down she expected them to speak her sentence and the stoning would begin. The day she knew would come was here. The men began to speak, but it was not to her. It was to a man in front of her laying out all the proven evidence before him asking him for the final word of judgment. The truth was breaking her spirit in shame.

All of them could only see a criminal woman of adultery physically laying there on the ground, but there was one man that could see her thoughts and her heart. The tears pouring out of her eyes was not the fear of death, but tears of repentance. She knew she deserved to die and no one would or should forgive her. She was sorry as daughter before God.

God has and always will be multitasking for the souls of His children. Could it be Jesus purposely stayed to teach in the area for not just the people, but the one lady who needed someone to forgive her and others needed to see no one is without sin except God and mercy needs to be practiced.


Sure the people needed to hear the living Spirit side of the letter of the law. Sure the men with the stones needed to realize all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. They all were blessed. Could it be God was after that one lost sheep in the midst of the 99 sheep who did not need repentance, but understanding? Could His eyes be looking at her with love unspeakable saying, “Just for You“? As we all know we will pull from this scene God’s love for us.

Ready for the stones to start hitting her with the end near the one man says, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” She heard the words, but shock had frozen her mind. What is this? I am going to die. I knew this day would come. Through her tears, no one will forgive me and I am so sorry I have lived this way. I cannot forgive myself.

The stones slowly started hitting the ground instead of hitting her. Silence began to surround her as her brokenness inside continued to crumble. No one can forgive me. No one can forgive. No one will forgive me. I am alone.

In the silence a shadow covered her from the burning hot sun cooling her condemned skin and a soft voice of the one man said, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?“. At the sound of his voice with her body trembling she began to slowly open her eyes cautiously looking around for her accusers. They were all gone. She said to Jesus, “No one, sir“.

In that moment of realization her ears heard the words, “Then neither do I condemn you.” The words of forgiveness overflowed her heart that not just someone, but THE anointed man containing God’s presence spoke these words. She felt the release of condemnation of her past when he said, “Go now and leave your life of sin“. I can start a new life.

JUST FOR YOU is a love only you can see when God goes out of His way to set up the moment to reach out to you when no one else does. He waited for the woman at the well who had six husbands and the one she had presently was not her own. He was there JUST FOR YOU.

Do we see when He sets up things JUST FOR YOU? Did the woman at the well see later it was JUST FOR HER, but spilled over to the people around her? Did the woman who was ready to be stoned to death later see it was JUST FOR HER? the Bible is loaded with people God went there JUST FOR THEM.

If you and I were to really think we could find things God was doing JUST FOR US. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus was JUST FOR YOU.

This message God returned me to this woman and her village was JUST FOR YOU. Will you let this spill over from you to others?

One thought on “Just For You

  1. I prayed this morning asking God to speak to me and to show me how to know it’s Him speaking. Just for you was just for me. Thank you.

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